Vitamin Angel Alliance Launches: ‘Be an Angel. Save a Life’

(Santa Barbara, CA) June 1, 2005 … Vitamin Angel Alliance, a non-profit humanitarian aid organization based in Santa Barbara, California, recently launched the introduction of their ‘Be an Angel. Save a Life’ counter cards into the retail marketplace. The cards designed to help raise money for Vitamin Angel’s mission to ‘provide basic nutrition to people in need’ will have an immediate impact on vitamin deficiency diseases around the world.
Vitamin Angel Alliance Howard Schiffer said; ‘After Vitamin Angels took on the nutritional component of the tsunami relief effort (and ended up sending over 10 million supplements to survivors in Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia) we received calls from retailers across the country only asking us what they could do to help.’ The ‘Be an Angel. Save a Life’ counter cards were designed as an easy way for retailers and consumers to have an immediate impact on the ravages of chronic malnutrition around the world.

Barry Perzow, President and CEO of Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy said, "Health can be determined by the well-being of an individual, community or the world. While we have control of our individual health, and influence on our community's health, supporting the Vitamin Angel Alliance contributes to world health."

“Lack of basic nutrition causes more deaths each year than heart disease, cancer and AIDS,” Schiffer stated. “Most of these deaths are preventable, and we have the cure. It seems almost inconceivable, but a dollar’s worth of vitamins can actually save someone’s life.”

Last year World Health Organization (WHO) issued a report stating that the single most important action we could take to positively impact the lives of impoverished peoples around the world is to provide multiple vitamin supplementation. Here’s how Vitamin Angels is helping to meet those needs.

In India, Vitamin Angels has spearheaded a campaign to provide megadoses of Vitamin A that will help prevent childhood blindness in 250,000 children. In Tibet, together with The Terma Foundation they distribute 650,000 children's chewables every month. In Bali, Vitamin Angels is at the forefront of a large scale project to end the widespread suffering and death caused by hemorrhaging during childbirth. In the Pacific Region they are partnering with UNICEF to distribute anti-parasitics and Vitamin A to 750,000 children in Myanmar, Laos and the Philippines. In total last year, Vitamin Angels distributed 23.4 million supplements in 40 countries, providing life saving vitamins and nutrients to countless millions who suffer from hunger, malnutrition and life-threatening vitamin deficiencies.

Vitamin Angel Alliance is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization dedicated to providing basic nutrition and fighting vitamin A deficiency blindness around the world since 1994. Additional information on the Alliance may be found at

Stores interested in participating in the ‘Be an Angel. Save a Life’ campaign, should contact Shauna Kane at: [email protected] or call: 805 565 9919.

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