Vitamin Relief USA(TM) Gives Thanks for Tishcon Corp.

Natural Products Manufacturer Has Donated
Over 26 Million Vitamins to Help Malnourished Children

Murrieta, CA ---When The Healthy Foundation/Vitamin Relief USA™ began in 1999, Raj Chopra, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of Tishcon Corp. immediately understood the wisdom of providing malnourished children and seniors with daily multi-vitamins. With the support of Tishcon Corp.’s President Vipin Patel and Vice President Arun Chopra, the company began a steady stream of donated multivitamins to support Vitamin Relief USA™ programs throughout the United States.

This was a substantial gift for The Healthy Foundation/Vitamin Relief USA™, a non-profit in Southern California whose mission is to improve the health of children and seniors in America who are malnourished (or at-risk for malnutrition) through vitamin supplementation.

In fact, by this year’s end, Tishcon Corp. will have donated to this non-profit over 26 million tablets --which equates to almost one half million 30 day bottles-- of freshly manufactured, high-quality chewable children’s multi-vitamins. Because of this extraordinary donation, up to 10,000 malnourished children (or children at-risk for malnutrition) have received daily nutritional support for the past four years. Even with this great generosity, just last month, Raj Chopra announced an increase in Tishcon’s annual donation. Beginning January 2005, an additional two thousand undernourished children will benefit from these newly donated vitamins. As a result, Tishcon Corp. will be providing multi-vitamins for 12,000 at-risk children every day in 2005.

Tishcon Corp children’s vitamins are distributed at no cost to parents through Vitamin Relief USA™ in 42 states at over 500 locations including Head Start, Healthy Start and WIC programs, K-12 public schools and school districts, Volunteers of America, Rotary Club projects, Health Care for the Homeless Clinician’s Network, homeless and battered women shelters, Salvation Army, YWCA and YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, city park and recreation departments, hospital outreach programs, public health departments, medical and nursing school community outreach programs, and countless other community-based and faith-based organizations.

According to parents and teachers, Tishcon Corp.’s vitamins have dramatically improved the quality of life and health of the children served by this program. Parents and teachers report the children now have higher grades, improved behavior, greater self-esteem, less illness, better appetites, greater energy and higher attendance in school.

In addition to the children’s program, Tishcon makes an annual donation of two million adult vitamins to Vitamin Relief USA’s Senior Support program. Further, Tishcon donates the warehousing and shipping of these vitamins to the hundreds of distribution sites of Vitamin Relief USA as well as a monthly cash contribution since August 2000.

“Raj Chopra, Vipin Patel and Arun Chopra of Tishcon Corp. have exemplified the model of corporate citizens. They are making a difference that lasts a lifetime. Thousands of undernourished children now have a much better chance at leading successful lives. Thousands of undernourished seniors now have a higher quality of life,” says Vitamin Relief USA™ President Gail Montgomery.

Tishcon Corp. also provides important support to Vitamin Relief USA’s congressionally funded research study, The Better Student Research Initiative. This study is evaluating the impact of daily vitamins on the academic performance of at-risk school children in New Jersey schools. Tishcon contributed the 324,000 vitamins and placebos necessary for this rigorous study.

“Vitamin Relief USA™ would not be able to help so many if it were not for Tishcon’s generosity. So at this holiday time of thanksgiving, we give a special thanks to our friends at Tishcon Corp.,” states Michael Morton, Executive Director of Vitamin Relief USA™.

To support The Healthy Foundation™ and Vitamin Relief USA™, or for further information, please call (877) 935-5348 or visit our website at

Tishcon Corp., founded in 1976, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of vitamins, related dietary and herbal supplements and private label non-prescription (OTC) pharmaceuticals. Some major products are Q-Gel Forte, Q-Gel Ultra, Q-Gel Mega and the recently introduced Hydro soluble Chew Q 30mg and 100mg chewable tablets.

A full service manufacturer, Tishcon Corp. also specializes in design bioavailability and clinical trials. Revolutionary technological developments include Bio Solv – hydro soluble softgels, which enable quick and optimum absorption of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts.

Tishcon Corp. is registered with the U.S. FDA, NY State Board of Pharmacy, and is GMP Certified by the NNFA. Additionally, Tishcon has received Certification from the USP under their Dietary Supplement Verification Program (DSVP) for 6 of their Q-Gel products.

For further information, visit; call 1-800 848-8442 or write to: [email protected]om.


Mary Morton
(951) 696-0552
[email protected]

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