Vitamins for Life to Offer Lamberts Healthcare Products

Vitamins for Life ( is one of Britain’s top suppliers of nutritional supplements of the same grade used by leading health care practitioners. For more than a decade, Vitamins for Life has specialized in vitamin supplements and other nutritional supplements, and they are pleased to be able to offer their customers products from Lamberts Healthcare.

Lamberts Healthcare is listed by Merck United Kingdom as “one of the UK’s best practitioner grade suppliers of high quality vitamin supplements.” They have supplied health practitioners in the UK with nutritional and herbal supplements for more than 20 years and are the leading experts at creating the highest quality products based on the most up-to-date nutritional research. Their reference text, The Practitioner’s Guide to Supplements, is considered the leading reference bridging the disciplines of nutrition and herbal medicine, and their products are the first choice of many health practitioners.

The selection of Lamberts Healthcare products at Vitamins for Life is vast, including fruit concentrates for detoxification and antioxidant properties, amino acids, daily multiple formulas, and essential fatty acids. Lamberts’ herbal supplements range from aloe vera to ginko, pycnogenol, St. John’s wort, and many more. The raw ingredients in Lamberts products are meticulously tested to ensure that they meet the exact specifications stated on the label. Testing extends to product samples during productions as well as a final check on the finished products.

Lamberts Healthcare also pays special attention to dosages, ensuring that all products have the correct potency based on sound scientific rationale. This is the key to success when using herbs and vitamins supplements in clinical practice. Their attention to proper dosing in all their nutritional supplements ensures that practitioners can put their complete faith in the quality and potency of their products.

In addition to its unbeatable selection of nutritional supplements by Lamberts and other top manufacturers, Vitamins for Life has branched out into other health products, including electro acupuncture, light therapy for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), juicers, water ionisers, water distillation systems, water filters, juicers, and many more items.

Vitamins for Life also makes available a number of products for coping with tinnitus, or chronic ringing in the ears, a growing problem due to the levels of environmental noise that the average person is exposed to daily. In-ear and standalone white noise devices are designed to mask the annoyance of tinnitus, which causes many people to experience difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping, and even depression.

Vitamins for Life is fast becoming one of the UK’s top suppliers of natural health care products. The vitamin supplements and nutritional supplements offered by Vitamins for Life, as well as their other health care products, are all based on the latest scientific research into natural health care and nutritional and herbal supplementation. Interest in alternative and natural health care products has grown exponentially over the past decade, and Vitamins for Life has the expertise and the products customers need and want for taking control over their bodies and their health.

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