Vitiva launches rosemary-based oxidation solution

Vitiva launches rosemary-based oxidation solution

Vitiva's new rosemary-based formulation offers a natural alternative to tocopherols for protecting shelf life of food, cosmetic, pet food and animal feed products.

Vitiva introduces a new rosemary based formulation Substar, an all-natural, oil-soluble oxidation management system. Substar is the best natural alternative for tocopherols for protecting shelf life for an extensive variety of mild food, cosmetic, pet food and animal feed products.

“The need for increased biodiesel production, and constant higher demand for edible oils and fats, has led to reduced source availability for natural tocopherols in the market,” says Ohad Cohen, CEO of Vitiva. “The result is constant increased prices of tocopherols over the last few years, thus higher prices of final products, so manufacturers are seeking to replace tocopherols with a cost-effective natural oxidation solution. Vitiva’s new, natural rosemary- based formula, Substar, is the solution. We will provide our customers a significant cost saving and a price stability. While tocopherols are not heat stable and cannot provide a good protection for i.e. food system that undergoes heat treatments, our new formula offers a complete antioxidant protection under those conditions.

Unlike traditional rosemary extracts that have high essential oil content, strong odor, bitterness and undesirable color capacity, Substar represents a much better solution, given its key advantages. It is all-natural, highly deodorized, and has reduced bitterness and flavor, plus it has a light color and is highly heat stable.

Substar is specifically designed to be applied at its full potential to multiple sensitive applications and products, such as edible fats and oils, fish oils, vegetable omega oils, margarine, pet food, feed, cosmetic oils and more. Substar does not need to be combined with any additional ingredients for total effectiveness.

"Vitiva's Substar opens new opportunities in a variety of markets that have been affected in recent years by the reduced availability of tocopherols, leading to dramatically higher prices and increasing scarcity,” explains Cohen. “The high concentration of active ingredients in Substar removes the need for increased dosages of tocopherols in long shelf life products, acting as a complete tocopherol replacement.”

In side-by-side tests via Rancimat methodology between Substar and delta-tocopherols (the most potent tocopherols), at the same level of pure active ingredient, Substar–Vitiva's solution showed much greater activity and protection factor.


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