WellCity Forms Strategic Partnership with Xooma Worldwide

WellCity Inc. (http://www.wellcity.com/), a wellness-related social network and subsidiary of WellTek, Inc., announced a strategic partnership with XOOMA Worldwide (http://www.xoomaworldwide.com/), a global network marketing company, in which the two companies have collaborated to bring more than 200,000 new users, cutting edge wellness products, a robust infrastructure and a major distribution system into WellCity. The agreement serves as a catalyst for both companies to carry out its rapid expansion plans.

As part of the relationship, XOOMA will provide exclusive support with product distribution and logistics, one of XOOMA's strongest assets. The two companies also agreed to work on future product development together.

"Our collaboration with WellCity is about joining our global mission of Changing the Health of a Generation with a true innovator in social networking," said Ron Howell, President and CEO of XOOMA Worldwide. "We believe that the combination of WellCity and XOOMA's strengths will be incredibly attractive to our distributors as well as WellCity 'residents.'"

Randy Lubinsky, Chairman and CEO of WellTek, noted, "XOOMA provides WellCity with an immediate global platform and 200,000 new 'residents,' exposing us to a much larger audience. It's a global brand that people already recognize." Lubinsky continued, "The superiority of XOOMA products is consistent with the Gold Standard of our other brands. Partnering with XOOMA is a natural progression to our tactical expansion initiative and integrates well into WellTek's growing portfolio of trusted health, fitness and wellness brands."

About XOOMA Worldwide:

XOOMA Worldwide is a global network marketing company distributing cutting edge health and wellness products: including vitamins and minerals, functional health beverages and weight loss and skin care products to over 60 countries around the world. XOOMA's Scientific Advisory Board provides education and guidance on health related topics and peer-reviewed scientifically supported nutritional applications for prevention and optimal health support.

About WellCity Incorporated:

WellCity is a social utility where health- and wellness-minded 'residents' can closely commune with one another; receive support, information and encouragement from their 'neighbors' and from a league of leading professional experts; shop for health and wellness-oriented product and services; compete in WellCity's proprietary 90-Day Wellness Challenge; and even enjoy income opportunities by leveraging their personal network. For more information on the Company, please visit http://www.wellcity.com/.

About WellTek Incorporated:

WellTek is a global health, fitness and wellness company that provides proven solutions to help address some of the world's most pressing and costly health and wellness challenges. The Company owns and operates WellCity, Inc., a premiere wellness-related social utility that helps 'residents' live longer, feel better, look younger and enjoy life more as they age. The Company's subsidiary, MedX Limited, manufactures, markets and distributes the most advanced medical exercise equipment to the medical and fitness markets. Through its wholly owned subsidiary Pure HealthyBack, Inc., WellTek is redefining healthcare delivery by providing health plans, self-insured
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