What is Eco Lips and Why Does David Letterman Want to Know?

New York, New York (September 27, 2004) “What the hell is Eco Lips?” is exactly what David Letterman asked on The Late Night Show on Tuesday, September 7th during a special segment called “Late Show Heart By Pass Scramble”. The talk show host via camera entered a convenience store close by called Hello Deli searching for a contestant to participate in the Late Show Heart By Pass Scramble. In conversation, David spotted the Eco Lips display at the checkout, asked some questions and then proceeded to spontaneously award an Eco Lips to Wendy Kalea, their “woman on the street” contestant for the show. The plug on Letterman’s Late Night talk show is not only an unexpected score for Eco Lips but a triumph for the organic products marketplace. KGAN TV of Cedar Rapids followed up with a short news story on the Iowa company and the growing organic market. According to the announcer, 90 million Americans choose natural, chemical-free products and the organic products industry projects 22 billion in sales next year. Steve Shriver, President of Eco Lips, said that purchases on the internet increased significantly after the surprise “review” during the show. “The exciting part of all of this is to see the incredible growth of organic awareness and sales in this country and abroad. Our mission of creating superior products that support sustainable agriculture and environmental protection issues has quickly become a reality.”

In addition, the company is going where very few natural and organic companies have been able to go. According to Steve, “We created an organic lip balm that wasn’t cost prohibitive, which we see as a "gateway" organic product. Because we can compete with all the major brands on price, consumers don’t have an excuse any more for not supporting organics. Once they purchase their first organic product, we're pretty sure it won't be the last!" But great price is just one of Eco Lips important features. The company touts the highest quality lip balm with plenty of organic jojoba oil, organic soybean oil and even organic beeswax. Adds Steve, “We use only the purest ingredients -- no petroleum, GMO ingredients, animal products or harsh chemicals. This is the only way to moisturize and protect the lips.” Eco Lips organic lip balm is available in two flavors (mint and berry) and a Sport SPF 30 (unflavored) in several different packaging options to integrate easily into any retail setting. The Eco Clip and the new Eco Leash can both be clipped to a backpack, keychain or purse for convenient lip treatment anytime of the day.

And what did David Letterman score? A lifetime supply of Eco Lips and everything he could ever want to know about Eco Lips’ vision: a world full of organic and sustainable products. Don’t panic, Dave, it’s organic!

Eco Lips products can be found at health food stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores and other retail outlets. For more information, see www.ecolips.com.


Eco Lips

Shari Hindman, Integral Marketing
[email protected]

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