Wild Oats Brand Rights Sold

Luberski Inc. won the bid for worldwide licensee rights to Wild Oats intellectual property, which was officially announced by the Federal Trade Commission on Friday.

Tim Luberski, chief executive officer of Luberski Inc. says the company will use the Wild Oats licensee rights to launch natural and organic food, beverage and supplement products in all retail supermarkets and plans to license the label back to original manufacturers of Wild Oats products.

“The Wild Oats brand is known for its high-quality, natural and organic products both domestically and internationally,” said Tim Luberski, whose entrepreneurial company has licensee rights to Horizon Organic brand eggs, Smart Balance brand eggs and Gold Circle Farms. “Our hope for the Wild Oats brand is to enhance our retail customers’ ability to sell more natural and organic products.”

Natural products industry expert, Anthony Zolezzi has been working with Luberski for several years to bring the deal to fruition.

“Wild Oats developed a loyal following and is recognizable to consumers as a trusted brand in the natural products space,” said Anthony Zolezzi, former chief executive officer of the New Organics Co., and Pet Promise natural pet food. “There is a great deal of value that can continue to be built with this brand.”

In 2007, Wild Oats was named the No. 2 greenest brand by ImagePower Green Brands Survey, coming in second only to Whole Foods. Zolezzi says this strong market positioning lends itself to a wide range of product opportunities.

For inquiries about Wild Oats products and opportunities, contact Ed Smith at 800-326-3220. For media inquiries, please contact Amy Summers at 813-335-1959.

Luberski Inc., is an international conglomerate that operates profitable businesses encompassing a wide-spectrum of commerce, including the development, sales distribution and marketing of: private label, institutional and branded food products; durable medical equipment, fossil fuels, investment real estate; and innovative methods to help sustain the Earth. The privately owned enterprise is also dedicated to many philanthropic endeavors (http://www.luberskiholdings.com).

Anthony Zolezzi is a serial entrepreneur whose work has resulted in more than 25 entrepreneurial companies and product developments within the natural products industry. In the last five years, he sold two of his cause-related businesses to Fortune 100 companies. He has worked with major companies including Nestle, The Prince of Wales Duchy Originals, Bumble Bee Seafood, Horizon Organic Dairy, Wild Oats Markets, New Organics Co., Viacom and Paramount Pictures. Zolezzi is also a former Chairman of the Board for the Organic Center for Education and Promotion (http://www.anthonyzolezzi.com).

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