Zsweet(TM), 100% All Natural, Zero Calorie Sweetener, Shows No Impact on Blood Sugar

Renowned Research Group Validates Near-Zero Glycemic Effect

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., May 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Ventana Health Inc., makers of Zsweet(TM), a zero calorie, 100% natural sweetener, has announced completion of a clinical study to determine the ultra-low glycemic response in humans on this patent-pending sweetener. The independent study was performed by Toronto based, Glycemic Index Laboratories, Inc.

Zsweet(TM) is comprised of erythritol, a naturally-occurring sugar alcohol with exceptional tolerability, and food extracts commonly found in fruits and vegetables as flavor enhancers, all of which are generally recognized as safe for food and beverage use by the FDA. The addition of the natural flavors transforms erythritol into a multi-purpose bulk sweetener with exceptional palatability and no unpleasant aftertaste.

"One of the pivotal attributes of Zsweet(TM) is its zero calorie profile," offers Tim Avila, creator of Zsweet(TM) and chief executive officer of Ventana Health Inc. "One additional step we wanted to take was to confirm it had no glycemic impact-no elevation in blood sugar. To perform a meaningful study, we used a test quantity comparable to 4 servings of table sugar. Indeed, the study revealed what we expected."

The study examined the glycemic response comparison between Zsweet(TM) and standard white bread. The glycemic index, noted as a fast tracking trend among numerous trend-watching organizations, can be determined for any food, beverage, or sweetener only through performing a clinical study.

"The study indicated that consuming 15 grams (3 tsp.) of Zsweet(TM), on average, did not raise or lower blood glucose levels in healthy individuals," says Dr. Vladimir Vuksan, PhD and vice president of Glycemic Index Laboratories, Inc.

Zsweet(TM) was launched for consumer use in January 2006 and was recently exhibited at the 2006 Natural Products Expo West Trade Show in Anaheim, California.

Results of this study will be revealed at various scientific meetings later this year. In addition, Ventana Health Inc. will continue to produce various research studies that will reveal the benefits related to Zsweet(TM).

For more information on the results, Zsweet(TM) and/or Ventana Health Inc., please contact Lucila Garcia at 949-369-6515 or [email protected]

About Ventana Health Inc.

The Ventana Health mission is inspired by consumer demand worldwide to find and adopt intelligent food alternatives of the highest integrity and quality that tastes good and is healthy for you. The cornerstone message of the Ventana Health products is built on education as to the options regarding healthy living alternatives and food choices.

About Glycemic Index Laboratories Inc.

Glycemic Index Laboratories Inc. is the only laboratory licensed to use patented methodology that has been scientifically shown to improve precision and consistency of metabolic responses to carbohydrate foods. The directors of GI Labs were on the original research team that developed the glycemic index in the 1980's.

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