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Zumbro River Brand, Inc. Introduces SoyYos(TM) Low Carb - Gluten Free Soy Cereals

OWATONNA, Minn., Apr 14, 2004 -- Controlling carbohydrates is a hot topic with consumers interested in healthy weight management. Whatever plan is the "diet du jour," dieters consistently find that meals and snacks that are higher in protein satisfy hunger longer than those with more carbs. Now Zumbro River Brand, Inc. ( ) addresses the need for variety in high protein breakfast items and snacks.

Available in Original Flavor, Raspberry Rally, and Coconut Crunch, delicious SoyYos(TM) are low in calories (less than 130 calories per 1 oz. serving). The Raspberry and Coconut cereals are naturally sweetened with evaporated cane juice and contain no artificial ingredients. A 1 oz. serving of these O-shaped cereals provides up to 17 g of protein, including half the amount of soy protein recommended for a heart healthy diet. Soy protein itself has also been shown to be effective in promoting weight loss. At the same time, a serving of SoyYos(TM) contains only 7-9 g of net carbs, one third that of conventional breakfast cereals. As a bonus, SoyYos(TM) cereals are an excellent source of valuable potassium.

Crunchy SoyYos(TM) are enjoyable in milk or soymilk or can be eaten right from the bag as a snack. Since kids love them, they are a good way to use snacking opportunities to provide protein to children without any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Mix the flavors or add nuts or dried fruits for a healthy trail mix treat for study-time or at the park.

An estimated 6-7 million Americans are intolerant to wheat gluten. These consumers will be happy to learn that all flavors of SoyYos(TM) are Gluten Free.

SoyYos(TM) are packaged in an environmentally efficient 4 oz. bag so consumers can try all the flavors and enjoy variety. The bag is also a convenient size to take SoyYos(TM) on trips or to work for a high protein "pick up" at break time. Combining nutritional value with outstanding flavor, SoyYos(TM) soy cereals offer a fresh new choice that surpasses ordinary cereals.

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