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ViStarch offers alternative to chemically modified starches

ViStarch offers alternative to chemically modified starches
Galam’s new ViStarch range brings all the benefits of modified starches without the chemical processing.

Galam has recently expanded its portfolio with ViStarch, an innovative line of starch and hydrocolloid combinations. Offering food and beverage manufacturers a range of exciting textures, this latest offering is produced using a unique and entirely physically based process. 

Galam’s new ViStarch range brings all the benefits of modified starches without the chemical processing, thus staying on trend with the market’s move to cleaner labeling. Significantly reducing or even entirely replacing the need for chemically modified starches, ViStarch satisfies consumer preferences for a simpler ingredient list. Thanks to the combined starch and hydrocolloid synergistic impact on viscosity, ViStarch also dramatically reduces requirements for other texturizing or thickening agents.

Seamlessly blending with other flavors, ViStarch’s neutral taste frees products from any reliance on masking agents. ViStarch can be customized to suit a broad spectrum of applications, including dairy, sauces, spreads, soups, fruit-bases, gluten free products and more.

Itay Dana, head of Galam's innovation department, explains the strategy behind the development of the new ViStarch line: “ViStarch was created in direct response to the pressure on manufacturers to clean up their products ingredient list. For many applications where complex processing conditions make clean labeling harder to achieve, ViStarch offers an exciting opportunity. ViStarch leverages the natural synergy between starch and hydrocolloids. Through a unique production process our development scientists have achieved a high performance texturizing and stabilizing agent. ViStarch not only delivers manufacturers cleaner labeling opportunities, but also introduces a range of exciting texture experiences to the consumer.” 
Galam customers gain exclusive access to a rich ingredients portfolio, as well as the specialist knowledge and application support necessary to assure optimal solutions for their products’ needs.


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