Synergy Combines Protein and Flavor Expertise to Benefit Sports Nutrition Manufacturers

Synergy Flavors Inc., is bringing together the sports nutrition capabilities of parent company and protein formulation expert, Carbery, with its own creative flavor solutions knowledge. The company is uniquely positioned to provide inspiring taste solutions for manufacturers of protein based sports nutrition products, including bars, beverages and other convenience products.

With global sales of sports nutrition products expected to reach $6.9 billion by 2010[i], the number of new product launches in the sector is set to rise. Synergy’s taste formulation experts predict and track global flavor trends, enabling them to develop fresh, innovative, marketable flavors that are specially formulated to perform exceptionally well in protein sports supplements. Synergy’s multi-disciplinary approach means that the company is changing the focus from flavor masking towards flavor engineering, wherein flavors are designed to work with a range of protein types. This has resulted in the creation of high impact flavors that help deliver the healthy, convenient and premium positioning that is sought by many sports nutrition manufacturers.

“Market demand now extends beyond the traditional standard flavors of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Consumers are increasingly seeking more sophisticated flavor profiles, often including exotics, super-fruits and flavor fusions” comments Greg Bach, Synergy’s Director of Business Development in the Americas. “By combining our expertise in both flavors and proteins, we offer manufacturers inspiring taste solutions that will meet the demands of serious sportspeople as well as recreational consumers.”

Synergy’s focus on sports nutrition comes at a time when the sector is undergoing rapid change. As increasing numbers of products are developed to meet the needs of diverse consumer groups, so too does the need for rapid product development and product differentiation.

Rod Sowders, President and CEO of Synergy USA continues: “The combination of Carbery’s nutrition-based R&D and Synergy’s flavor expertise puts us in a unique position to develop the most functional and marketable products around. With many years’ experience of working with whey and other proteins, the combined Synergy/Carbery team understands the challenges faced by sports nutrition companies. We employ creative and technical understanding that meets their needs as well as reduces development time.

The growing market for sports nutrition products means that the industry can no longer sideline taste for the sake of functionality. Sports nutrition manufacturers, marketers and consultants can rely on Synergy’s flavour knowledge and experience of working with proteins.”


Editor’s note:
Synergy is Carbery’s flavor ingredients business. With extensive experience of many sectors of the food, beverage and nutritional products industries, Synergy provides integrated products and services for the creation of delicious tastes. To a global customer base, the company offers a wide range of sweet flavorings including organic, as well as Vanlab branded vanilla products and Saporesse branded savory ingredients. Synergy has production, R&D, and technical facilities in the US, Europe, Asia, and South America. Synergy offers local access to its expertise and provides a strong portfolio of customized and cost-effective flavors to all its markets.

For further information about Synergy, please contact: Greg Bach, Synergy Flavors, 1220 Karl Ct, Wauconda IL 60084, 847-487-1011
E-mail: [email protected] Or visit:

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