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Wixon launches Impact! flavor modifier program

Wixon launches Impact! flavor modifier program
Impact! program features proprietary Mag-nifique flavor modifiers for health and wellness foods and beverages targeted at a variety of demographics. 

Wixon Inc. has introduced its Impact! program, featuring proprietary Mag-nifique flavor modifiers for health and wellness foods and beverages targeted at a variety of demographics. The flavor modifiers help improve the healthfulness of these products without causing consumers to compromise on taste.

The Impact! program is customized for:

  • Children’s nutrition – As childhood obesity rates continue to rise, food and beverage manufacturers seek to meet the demand for greater nutrition in their products. Wixon’s complete line of Mag-nifique flavor modifiers can help reduce or eliminate sugar, minimize salt, mask off notes and more. Common applications include low-sugar cereals, reduced salt beverages, and better tasting whole-grain snacks.
  • Sports fitness – For consumers who aim to improve their lives through exercise and better food choices, Mag-nifique flavor modifiers can enhance taste and help meet their nutritional needs. Mask aftertastes common in high-protein powdered drinks and energy bars, create flavorful low-glycemic products, minimize vitamin off-notes, and improve sweetness perception in low-calorie products.
  • Weight management – Wixon’s line of Mag-nifique flavor modifiers for weight-conscious consumers gives them more choices to select healthier food options. Enhance product satiety and amplify taste while reducing sugar, increasing creaminess perception, and masking off notes. Applications can include low-calorie beverages and low-sodium meats and snacks.
  • Baby boomers – Aging consumers, about 25 percent of the U.S. population, can help maintain their health without sacrificing taste through the use of Mag-nifique flavor modifiers. Enhance foods and beverages while masking aftertastes and reducing bitterness, sugar and sodium. Consider these modifiers for use in low-sodium prepared meals, coffee without bitterness, and low-sugar desserts and treats.

“Wixon’s Impact! program featuring Mag-nifique flavor modifiers will help make healthy foods simply taste better,” said Jeanne Meeder, Wixon’s Industrial Ingredients and Consumer Products director. “Our flavor modifiers can empower manufacturers to change the conversation when it comes to wellness food and beverage products, creating higher demand and enabling consumers to achieve their overall health goals.”



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