EU scientists give chromium safety nod

EU scientists give chromium safety nod

US ingredients supplier Nutrition 21 has won the first round of its bid to market chromium picolinate in food supplements in the European Union.

In a safety evaluation, the European Food Safety Authority concluded chromium picolinate did not present a concern when used as a source of chromium in food supplements. The assessment represents an initial step in the process leading to formal EU approval of the ingredient as an acceptable form of supplemental chromium.

Chromium picolinate is Nutrition 21's top selling nutritional supplement ingredient in the US, where it is marketed under the Chromax brand. It is said to promote healthy blood sugar, fight food cravings and support cardiovascular health.

William Levi, vice president — ingredients for Nutrition 21, said: "This is an exciting development for our ingredients business. Expansion into the European Union is an important component of our growth strategy. We already have active business development projects with potential strategic customers, and expect to announce an exclusive arrangement with a leading European ingredients manufacturer to distribute Chromax chromium picolinate throughout Europe upon formal EU approval."

Nigel Baldwin, from consultancy Cantox Health Sciences International, which was hired to help Nutrition 21 prepare its dossier, said: "EFSA's review and published opinion show the level of detail that we and Nutrition 21 went through to clearly demonstrate chromium picolinate as the form of chromium with the most safety data behind it. We are pleased with EFSA's safety assessment of chromium picolinate. The standards set by EFSA are the gold standards for the rest of the world and we believe this bodes well for Nutrition 21."

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