New products - November 2009

Capsule colour line from natural ingredients
Capsugel has created a line of natural colourants for capsules available for the Americas region. The palette of 16 natural capsule colours uses natural ingredients, such as caramel, riboflavin and carmine. These natural dyes come from a variety of sources. Caramel is a brownish colour produced through heat treatment of corn syrup or sugar. And riboflavin is an orange-yellow compound in the vitamin-B complex that naturally occurs in foods such as vegetables and milk. To add further product differentiation, these colours can be made opaque when combined with titanium dioxide, a naturally occurring mineral. The colours can also be given a pearled effect when combined with all-natural Candurin pigment.

Cardio Chews now sold individually
Cargill's CoroWise Naturally Sourced Cholesterol Reducer brand of plant sterols is now available in individually wrapped Cardio Chews. Available in both cherry and chocolate flavours, Cardio Chews are sugar free and contain just 30 calories and 0.4g plant sterols per single chew serving. They are available nationwide in a 28-chew package, which is a two-week supply.

Supplement combines fish oil, vitamin D3
To offer consumers an easy and effective way to get enough vitamin D3, Natrol has created a Fish Oil + Vitamin D3 supplement for overall health and immunity. It supplies high-potency vitamin D (1,000IU) for immune activation, along with a healthy 1,000mg of fish oil. It is formulated as a softgel to be taken once daily.

Meal-replacement milk shakes with MEG-3
Lipidsana, a new meal-replacement milkshake from Lipid4Life, is fortified with Ocean Nutrition Canada's MEG-3 fish oil, as well as MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides with thermogenic properties called dual lipid oxidation. MCTs are derived from such sources as coconut and palm-kernel oils. According to its makers, Lipidsana may help in weight loss, metabolism enhancement, and decreasing the risk of atherosclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease. Sold in drugstores across Europe, it is available in four flavours: chocolate, vanilla, wild berry and tomato.

New Salba line includes tortillas, chips and pretzels
Delivering the highest-quality natural and organic foods rich in omega-3s and other vital nutrients, Salba Smart has introduced a comprehensive line of Salba products. These include: Whole Grain Salba, Premium Ground Salba, All Natural Whole Wheat Tortillas, USDA Organic Tortilla Chips and Salsa, and Organic Pretzels.

Chewable supplement offers superfruits, sea veggies
A new chewable dietary supplement, Chews-4-Health, offers a full spectrum of super fruits, sea vegetables and antioxidants. Its ingredients include four superfruits — goji, mangosteen, açai and noni; four antioxidants — vitamin B 12, folic acid, resveratrol and alpha lipoic acid; four sea vegetables — kelp, nori, bladderwrack and dulse; and four fruit concentrates — pomegranate, cranberry, raspberry and blueberry. Unlike pills, Chews-4-Health contains no binders, fillers or hard chemical coatings that diminish absorption. And unlike liquid supplements, Chews-4-Health is not pasteurized and contains no preservatives, chemical stabilizers or artificial colouring.

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