Pfizer and Chr. Hansen Establish Partnership in Brazil

Pfizer and Chr. Hansen have just established an agreement to distribute the probiotic product for poultry – the GalliPro – in Brazil. The first phase of the collaboration is focused to major producers exporting to European countries. The second phase will be extended to the remaining producers. Pfizer will have exclusivity for distributing the product to its customers by using its sales force throughout the country.

GalliPro, which is manufactured by Chr. Hansen, is an approved probiotics (Bacillus subtilis) with permanent registration in the European Community. It has been used in Europe since 2007. The product increases poultry’s weight gain and improves food conversion.

“Pfizer’s goal with this collaboration is to enhance its poultry-dedicated products portfolio, providing a solution to exporting customers, once this is a product that is approved by European market”, says the Swine and Poultry Business Unit Manager, Pfizer Animal Health Division, Ângelo Melo. “GalliPro meets the requirements of the European market for such probiotic products line”, adds Abílio Alessandri, Marketing Manager, Animal Health and Nutrition at Chr. Hansen.

Consumers are increasingly demanding concerning the use of antibiotics promoting animal growth. In 2006, the European Community banished the use of that kind of product, ultimately affecting producers from exporting countries, like Brazil. “GalliPro meets this need, both for consumers and for regulatory authorities”, says Alessandri.

According to 2009’s estimates, the production of poultry meat will exceed 11 million tons, of which 3.8 million will be exported. (Source: União Brasileira de Avicultura - UBA, Associação Brasileira dos Produtores e Exportadores de Frango – ABEF, and U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization - FAO)

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