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OmniActive to launch CurcuWIN at Engredea

OmniActive to launch CurcuWIN at Engredea
OmniActive Health Technologies' new ingredient provides highly bioavailable curcuminoids in the ratio that they are naturally found in turmeric.

Following the recent publication of significant results in January’s Nutritional Journal, OmniActive Health Technologies will officially launch CurcuWIN™ Turmeric Extract (20 percent curcuminoids) at this year’s Engredea in Anaheim, Calif. CurcuWIN provides highly bioavailable curcuminoids in the ratio in which they are naturally found in turmeric. 

“The popularity and demand for curcumin continues to grow and has created a sustainable market for this powerful antioxidant,” says Lynda Doyle, vice president of global marketing, OmniActive Health Technologies. “But curcumin has poor bioavailability at best and requires extremely large doses, limiting its market opportunities. After thorough research and a long-time understanding of turmeric and curcuminoids, OmniActive developed a breakthrough solution that clearly demonstrates superior bioavailability of curcuminoids to help manufacturers successfully enter this market.”

OmniActive utilized their patented UltraSOL Dry Nutrient System Technology, a molecular dispersion process that enhances the solubility and bioavailability of lipophilic compounds to develop CurcuWIN. Last month, OmniActive released the results of a well-controlled human clinical trial conducted by the University of Tampa in collaboration with Increnovo LLC. The study, Comparative Absorption of Curcumin Formulations, which was published by Nutrition Journal on Jan. 24, 2014, showed that CurcuWIN not only significantly increased the relative absorption of total curcuminoids 46 times over standard curcumin, but CurcuWIN was also shown to be significantly more bioavailable than other enhanced curcumin formulations based on AUC of total curcuminoids. 

In addition to increased bioavailability, CurcuWIN is also highly dispersible in water, and provides unique opportunities for manufacturers to expand their applications beyond tablets and capsules, for example in beverage powders.

OmniActive’s innovative technology, commitment to research and market development and long history in turmeric positions CurcuWIN strongly within the market. Moreover, CurcuWIN allows manufacturers and marketers to differentiate their products in the ever-growing, competitive curcumin market. 

To learn more about CurcuWIN, visit OmniActive Health Technologies at Expo West/Engredea booth #515, March 7-9, 2014 in Anaheim, Calif., or visit 


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