Condition Specific 2013: Heart Health

Condition Specific 2013: Heart Health

Despite the murmur of conflicting and misleading scientific studies in 2012, sales in the cardiovascular-health category continue to pump along steadily.


Despite the murmur of conflicting and misleading scientific studies in 2012, sales in the cardiovascular-health category continue to pump along steadily. Sales will reach $2.424 billion in 2013, up from $2.294 billion in 2012, according to Nutrition Business Journal. NBJ  predicts the category reaching $2.565 billion by 2014. Two industry insiders address what’s keeping the pulse of this segment steady – and what could make it skip a beat. Introducing Frank Jaksch, founder and CEO of Chromadex, and - Wael Massrieh, PhD, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Neptune Technologies & Bioressources


Fi: Where do you see emerging opportunities in this sector?

FJ: There are quite a few new ingredients entering the space now. We have seen the trend where the category is spreading out across a wider range of cardiovascular-related claims beyond just general heart heath or cholesterol control, where, until recently, the category has focused. We think this is a trend that will continue. Blood pressure problems now affect more than one-third of the U.S. population, and dietary supplement ingredients that are scientifically proven to help maintain healthy blood pressure in the normal range will continue to be a significant growth category. We have also seen more interest in the blood-flow-mediation category.


Fi: What’s going on in terms of ingredient science?

FJ: The science should continue to grow in the area of well-designed, human, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies that are focused on very specific and measurable clinical endpoints that will support the cardiovascular health claim of the ingredient. The science bar is being raised for ingredient technology companies, especially for new novel ingredients. We have seen the brand stakeholders spending a lot more time scrutinizing the science behind new ingredients, and we think the trend will continue.

Fi: What are the biggest threats to growth?

WM: The biggest threat to the market is low quality and counterfeit krill oils, of which we are seeing more and more. Some of these oils have really low, if any, phospholipid-bound omega-3s, which is the primary differentiation criteria of krill oils; while others have no or very little astaxanthin, another vital component of pure krill oil. Neptune, as the pioneer of the industry, is working closely with the USP and GOED to establish a monograph that resembles the high quality, safety and biochemical consistency of Neptune krill oils that will help deter some of the entrants to the market that can potentially destroy the market if not properly managed.

FJ: Peer-reviewed publications highlighting significant ingredients used in cardiovascular health products that show no significant benefit. Even if a new study was contrary to previous studies, and rebuttals came from other scientists, it would be too late, as the media might have already disseminated the story. There have been several examples of such stories lately that have had a significant impact. Published studies like this that garner media attention tend to undermine consumer confidence in dietary supplements.




Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate

Magnesium is involved with several cardiovascular processes in the body including vascular tone, regulation of heart rhythms, and arterial hypertension. Magnesium has been shown to support healthy heart function and reduction of arrhythmia. Albion offers a patented mineral glycinate chelated form for optimal absorption and cardiovascular benefit.


Clearfield, Utah


Anderson Global Group LLC


Provinal Omega 7 fatty acid is considered to be the “next omega,” purified to express high levels of palmitoleic acid (C16:1n7). Palmitoleic acid has been shown in multiple research studies to significantly reduce CRP, promote cardiovascular health and attack metabolic syndrome. Provinal is now available as a premium oil derived from a sustainable fish source.


[email protected]

Irvine, California


Bioenergy Life Science, Inc.

Bioenergy Ribose

Cardiac energy metabolism plays a pivotal role in heart health. Many different types of diseases and activities may deplete cardiac energy stores by 30% or more, contributing to chronically depressed energy stores in the heart. Ribose administration accelerates ATP synthesis, helping supply the crucial energy reserves needed to preserve cardiovascular health and wellness or recover from hypoxic insult.


[email protected]

Minneapolis, Minnesota




pTeroPure is a proprietary, patent protected, nature identical form of pterostilbene, which is found naturally in blueberries. It has superior biological activity, better oral bioavailability and metabolizes more slowly in the body than other polyphenols. In a phase 2/3 human clinical study pTeroPure was found to promote heart health by helping to maintain healthy systolic and diastolic blood-pressure levels already within normal ranges.


[email protected]


Cyvex Nutrition, Inc.

Euro Black Currant®

A dark-colored berry which is an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and much more. Black Currant berries are a much higher source of antioxidants than blackberries and blueberries and are abundant in anthocyanins.


A highly refined omega-3 oil available in bulk and soft gels featuring a 1:1 ratio of EPA and DHA, as well as high levels of the long chain fatty acid DPA. Research has shown DPA plays a protective role in cardiovascular health, as well as in reducing triglycerides and cholesterol.

(888) 99-CYVEX

[email protected]

Irvine, California


DSM Nutritional Products


Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish oil.


Tomato-based extract for enhanced blood flow.



[email protected]


Flavex Naturextrakte GmbH

Guggul CO2-Extract

Guggul extracts have shown hypocholesterolemic, hypolipidemic, hypolipoproteinemic efficacy. Guggulsterone, the main active component, has been shown to eliminate cholesterol by binding to farnesoid X receptor, and to act as an agonist that activates bile salt export pump, which eliminates cholesterol. The Flavex guggul CO2-extract is standardized to 2% guggul sterones.

49 68 35 91 950

[email protected]

Rehlingen-Siersburg, Germany


Gnosis USA Inc.

Natural Nattokinase (Biokyn)

Biokyn is Natural Nattokinase fully obtained by fermentation process of Bacillus subtilis. Nattokinase enhances the body’s natural ability to fight blood clots, and has an advantage over blood thinners because it has a prolonged effect without side effects.

215-340-7960 x100

[email protected]


Horphag Research


Offers a nutritional approach to safeguard the cardio-vascular system from five major risk factors simultaneously. The five major risk factors include blood pressure, inflammation, blood lipids, blood glucose and blood platelet activity.


[email protected]


Maypro Industries, LLC


A natural ACE inhibitor derived from enzymatically hydrolyzed casein consisting of VPP and IPP, shown to maintain normal ACE levels to support vasodilation. Supported by 20 published studies, GRAS affirmed and a complete lactotripeptide proven to maintain blood pressure at healthier levels already within the normal range without the side effects of prescription drugs.


Nascent Health Sciences, LLC


The highest concentrations of mitochondria are found in your heart, which requires the most energy.  PQQ stimulates growth and replication of mitochondria (Mitochondrial Biogenesis), thereby increasing energy potential.  PQQ is also a powerful antioxidant protecting heart cells from free-radical damage.


[email protected]

Missouri City, Texas


Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc.

Teavigo Green Tea Extract

Teavigo is a natural green-tea extract made through a proprietary process that concentrates the benefits of fresh green tea leaves. Highly potent and pure, it has a minimum of 90 percent EGCG to maximize healthful benefits. Produced in the EU, Teavigo is caffeine-free, free of any herbicide or pesticide residue, and water soluble.


[email protected]


Stratum Nutrition
& ESM Technologies

ARTINIA chitin-glucan fiber

ARTINIA is a unique chitin-glucan fiber that supports healthy arteries as a new approach to cardiovascular health. Multiple studies have demonstrated its ability to lower the oxidation of LDL-cholesterol. Oxidized-LDL (oxLDL) is an emerging risk factor for atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.


[email protected]

St. Charles, Missouri


Super Beta Glucan Inc.


Containing fibrinolytic enzymes naturally derived from the medicinal mushrooms, the MBG-FLO promotes cardiovascular wellness by supporting a healthy fibrin degradation process in our body.

[email protected]


[email protected]

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