House Wellness probiotic gets new look

House Wellness probiotic gets new look

Immuno-LP20 makes an appearance in a wide variety of health food and supplement products this year.

Either you’ve been hearing a lot about immunobiotics, or you will be—this is their time, and House Wellness Foods is leading the way with Immuno-LP20.

While we’ve all long been aware of the immune-boosting, life-sustaining benefits of live probiotic bacteria in the intestinal environment, new research has proved that heat-treated, non-viable Lactobacillus plantarum can actually be more effective in strengthening immunity.

This non-viable Lactobacillus, in the form of HK L-137 (HK stands for heat-killed), is the dominant component of Immuno-LP20 which, as of this year, is making an appearance in a wide variety of health food and supplement products. For consumers, a new, cheerful, bright red logo on a variety of healthful favorites will be a welcome sign.

As cold and flu season kicks into high gear, House Wellness Foods is proudly unveiling its new logo for Immuno-LP20, along with a short film ( to promote its superior immune system benefits.

HK L-137, which makes up 20 percent of Immuno-LP20, differs from traditional probiotics in several fundamental ways, but most significantly, heat treatment stabilizes the cell walls. This means that it’s not subject to degradation in processing or from severe environmental conditions, and it resists decomposition when exposed to gastric fluids. As a result, it’s easier to handle in processing and longer lasting both in storage and in the body.

While probiotics break down in the upper intestinal environment, Immuno-LP20 possesses the unique ability to pass through to the lower bowel, where it works to further activate immune cells. HK L-137's stability also allows it to be added to a number of different types of prepared foods and beverages in which live bacteria cannot be used. This brief animation from House Wellness Foods explains the remarkable advantages of Immuno-LP20.

As the winter months bear down, it’s no wonder that House Wellness Foods is stepping up its efforts to promote Immuno-LP20 with its clever and memorable new logo. When consumers see this mark adorning their favorite health brands they’ll know that three decades of House Wellness Foods’ thorough, cutting-edge research and unfailing excellence in manufacturing stand behind this most exciting new development in the science of staying healthy and active.

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