Viva 5, Nebraska Cultures launch probiotic gummies

Viva 5, Nebraska Cultures launch probiotic gummies

Companies team up to develop and commercialize the proprietary ProDURA Bacillus coagulans strain in various gummy delivery forms and confectionaries. 

Viva 5 Corp., a U.S.-based probiotic specialist, is joining forces with Nebraska Cultures, a pioneering probiotic company, to develop and help commercialize its proprietary ProDURA™ Bacillus coagulans strain in various gummy delivery forms and confectionaries.

Viva 5 will work with Nebraska Cultures to further strengthen its probiotic position, as well as enhance the presence and consumer awareness of the ProDURA™ brand in the USA and international marketplace. Viva 5 and Nebraska Cultures have already engaged in commercial discussions with select U.S.-based companies.

The value of the US probiotic dietary supplements market is approximately USD 900 million. It is a highly fragmented market where products are sold through several sales channels. The global probiotic market has been driven by staggering growth in the United States. However, the increasing probiotic regulatory environment, along with the demand for strain-specific research and highly stable products, creates a unique opportunity for Viva 5 and Nebraska Cultures.

“We are very excited to team up with Nebraska Cultures, and are impressed to their commitment to high quality, science-based probiotics,” says Tony Corey, vice president of Viva 5. “With the growth of probiotic sales in dietary supplements, and high demand for a probiotic gummy, there is clearly a need in the market for this type of innovation. We believe the ProDURA strain is an ideal candidate for such a product in the marketplace, due to its proven superiority in thermal resistance over other commercially available strains of Bacillus coagulans. In fact, we have received tremendous initial interest from key industry players and we expect to launch several gummy products containing the ProDURA probiotic strain in the North American market in 2014.”

“The cooperation between Viva 5 and Nebraska Cultures will be a significant opportunity to further expand the awareness of ProDURA Bacillus coagulans and the possibilities for its use in functional foods of all kinds,” says Michael Shahani, chief operations officer at Nebraska Cultures. “We are excited to work with Viva 5 Corp. where their expertise in probiotic innovation, history of sales success, and deep commercial network in various USA and international channels will complement our company goals.”

Viva 5 is a full service partner to the dietary supplement industry with expertise in areas ranging from brand and product development to production and claim support. Viva 5 has a broad customer network ranging from big international players to mid-tier and smaller customers. Product differentiation will play a key role in the market optimization, in thus Viva 5’s local contacts will be critical.


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