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AIDP shows proteins, new mineral ingredients

AIDP shows proteins, new mineral ingredients
Functional ingredients leader to highlight successful protein portfolio, products to address new emerging trends, and TastiMins in calcium, zinc and magnesium.

AIDP will be waving its “Good Science Makes Great Food” banner at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Show this year, once again presenting new and further refined solutions for ingredients in functional food and beverage manufacturing. AIDP’s popular protein portfolio, which includes Gabiotein™, a proprietary sprouted brown rice protein, a pea protein, and Advantein™, a proprietary pea and rice protein, will be a headline act at Booth #5213, June 22 to 24 in New Orleans, along with some new ingredients that the company feels are on trend in this booming sector of functional ingredients.

On the new news front, AIDP is now offering an organic Gabiotein, and the company has also devoted much effort to further improving the texture of the popular sprouted brown rice protein so that it has no gritty mouth feel or after taste in food and beverage formulations. Gabiotein is ideal for today’s food market in that it addresses numerous issues: continually rising costs of other protein sources, a growing vegan market, and growing awareness of whey, soy protein and other foods that lead to allergies and sensitivities. Sprouting enhances nutritional benefits, as well as other benefits over conventional rice protein. Rice protein has been shown to have similar muscle-building capabilities as whey protein.

As part of the protein portfolio, Advantein is a proprietary blend of rice and pea protein that delivers a complete protein profile as it boosts the low lysine level typical of rice-only protein. AIDP’s Pea Protein is in high demand for its highly purified formulations in 80 percent and 85 percent concentrates from Canadian-sourced peas, as well as high marks for taste from internal blind taste tests.

AIDP will also debut TastiMins, a line of chelated minerals—calcium, zinc and magnesium—for functional food, food fortification and pharmaceutical products. Chelation ensures product quality and clinical efficacy through mineral fortification, stability and bioavailability. A calcium glycinate 13 percent, magnesium glycinate 8 percent and zinc glycinate 10 percent are all highly bioavailable forms of chelated minerals excellent for food and beverage manufacturing due to its taste-free profile.

In addition to proteins and TastiMins, AIDP will be showcasing Magtein™ (magnesium l-threonate), an ingredient for cognitive and brain health, featuring the only magnesium form on the market that effectively crosses the blood brain barrier to improve the brain neuron density. It is ideal for people with anxiety and stress, and is effective for relaxation and sleep. Magtein is self-affirmed GRAS, completely soluble in water, odorless, colorless and tasteless. It is also non-GMO certified.

The “Good Food Makes Great Science” program has identified some emerging high-growth trends and opportunities crossing over from supplements into food manufacturing, and will present formulations that enhance food, such as curcumin, organic stevia and organic Inulin.

“The past year has been great for AIDP as we have really developed a strong position in the food industry with our proteins and other products,” says Kathy Lund, vice president of marketing and business development. “We will again be showcasing our proteins but also a sampling of other categories where we feel there is a need for the kind of high quality, efficacious ingredients that AIDP is committed to.”

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