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Ingredients by Nature to launch plant protein powders

Ingredients by Nature to launch plant protein powders
Branded, proprietary plant-based protein blends stem from IBN's new partnership with Ingredient Alliance, a leading supplier of hemp, chia, fava bean and flax protein powders.

Ingredients by Nature will soon be launching a line of branded, proprietary plant-based protein blends stemming from its new partnership with Ingredient Alliance LLC of Hawthorne, Calif., a leading supplier of hemp, chia, fava bean and flax protein powders, according to IBN president Robert Brewster.

"Under the terms of the agreement, IBN will be exclusively handling the manufacturing, processing and quality control for these products under the brand names SoluHemp, SoluFava, SoluChia and SoluFlax," Brewster reports. "The partnership will allow us at IBN to create exciting new proprietary protein blends (conventional and organic) with these ingredients, and we will also sell them individually, depending upon the particular need for customers and their formulations."

Brewster says that IBN will be co-branding and trademarking the ingredients and proprietary blends with Ingredient Alliance. "One of these blends, AlfaHemp™, is a proprietary combination of alfalfa juice protein powder and hemp protein powder which will provide 50 percent plant-based protein with an amino acid profile that will rival egg white protein geared toward vegetarian and vegan consumers," he asserts.

"All protein powders are certainly not the same," Brewster comments. "Individuals require certain amounts of certain types, and quite a few people have some dietary restrictions. This line is suitable for the growing number of vegetarians and vegans, plus for those who are 'heart healthy' and do not want to consume animal-based proteins."

“Our strategic alignment with Ingredients By Nature will bring our new branded ingredients to the food and beverage industries. SoluHemp™, SoluFava™, SoluChia™, SoluFlax™ and AlfaHemp™ are extraordinary due to the smaller particle size to assist formulation chemists along with R&D teams to easily incorporate into food and beverage applications. The mouth feel and texture of these ingredients are attractive and the fact we have a complete protein raw greens blend is a game changer. There is nothing like this in the industry, and the escalating demand for plant-based proteins that offer solutions to formulators will help them gain coveted market share,” states Jim Saunders, CEO of Ingredient Alliance.

Currently, Ingredient Alliance is formulating a functional protein beverage featuring SoluFava that will be available later this year. Ingredient Alliance and Ingredients by Nature bring decades of ingredient manufacturing, custom blending, milling and innovative formulation/packaging capabilities to a growing market segment.


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