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NP Nutra launches Organic Pea Protein 80%

NP Nutra launches Organic Pea Protein 80%
Nature’s Power Nutraceuticals has responded to the growing market demand for superior plant-based protein with Organic Pea Protein 80%.

Nature’s Power Nutraceuticals Corp. (NP Nutra) a leading supplier of premium botanical ingredients, has responded to the growing market demand for superior plant-based protein with Organic Pea Protein 80%.

The popularity of Pea Protein has surged tremendously in the past few years. In 2011, industry figures listed 73 products with Pea Protein as an ingredient. Within a year, the number of products with Pea Protein had leaped from 73 to 340, and has continued an upward trend since that time.

Why the growing appeal and interest in Pea Protein? Firstly, Pea Protein is nonallergenic, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free. This is great news for vegans and individuals with food sensitivities who are looking for safe protein-rich sources. Secondly, there is a growing interest in GMO-free healthy supplements and food products, and Pea protein is one of the few ingredients with no GMO issues as well as an impressive amino acid profile.

Both versatility and a mild nutty flavor have worked well to fuel Pea Protein’s growing popularity. Its excellent nutritional profile gives Pea Protein an edge for product developers looking beyond dairy and soy for a superior plant-based protein source to use in sports nutritional blends and weight management products. Pea Protein has found a special niche in the food and beverage industry as a substitute for dairy, as an egg or milk replacer in baked goods and as a binder for fats and water, making it ideal for soups, sauces and other processed foods. This ingredient is also used in cereals and snacks to boost the protein content and nutritional value.

NP Nutra’s Pea Protein 80% Organic is a valuable addition to its Nutra Organics line of superior quality nutraceutical ingredients.


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