Nutrilac Hi-Pro Improvers boost protein in dairy

Nutrilac Hi-Pro Improvers boost protein in dairy

New Arla functional milk proteins boost protein levels in dairy products to as high as 10 percent without negatively impacting taste or texture.

Arla Foods Ingredients has launched Nutrilac® Hi-Pro Improvers, a range of functional milk proteins that boost protein levels in dairy products to as high as 10 percent without negatively impacting taste or texture.

Made from natural milk proteins, Hi-Pro Improvers make it possible to pack a bigger protein punch into yoghurts and dairy beverages, as well as ice creams—tapping into the increasing popularity of premium, high protein products among mainstream consumers.

Hi-Pro Improvers facilitate the creation of delicious and nutritious products with increased protein content without damaging the sensory properties of a product, and with no dryness or graininess—previously a major challenge for manufacturers of high-protein products. When using Hi-Pro Improvers, dairy companies can maintain complete control of texture, whether they are producing a thick, spoonable yoghurt or a refreshing dairy drink.

Hi-Pro Improvers will enable dairy manufacturers to create high quality products, containing up to 10 percent protein, that are simultaneously natural, healthy and indulgent—tapping into three of the food & beverage industry’s key trends at the same time. Even stirred yoghurts with very high protein content—once a “holy grail” for dairy producers—are now within reach thanks to the unique benefits of Hi-Pro Improvers.

Torben Jensen, application manager at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “Nutrilac Hi-Pro Improvers eliminate all the processing and quality issues that have previously limited the addition of high levels of protein to food products. For the growing numbers of people following a high-protein diet, these difficulties have until now forced them to consume large quantities of protein-enriched products to reach their requirements. But the launch of Hi-Pro Improvers means that it is possible, at last, to incorporate much more protein into smaller portions. This innovation presents manufacturers with the opportunity to create a real point of difference that will add to their brand appeal and competitive edge.”

Potential applications for Hi-Pro Improvers include Greek-style yoghurts, which are riding on a wave of popularity on both sides of the Atlantic. Fat-reduced dairy products that don’t compromise on quality are also within reach, as are high-protein juice and milk blends.

Hi-Pro Improvers will make their market debut at the forthcoming Food Ingredients Europe trade show in Frankfurt, Nov. 19 to 21, 2013. Arla Foods Ingredients will exhibit in Hall 8, Booth #C01.

Jensen added: “Protein-rich foods are no longer just for bodybuilders—lots of people are realising the benefits of a high-protein diet. Hi-Pro Improvers from Arla Foods Ingredients are natural milk proteins that open the door to a wealth of new product development possibilities. They are easy to work with on a processing line and bring protein enrichment and a premium dairy taste to a range of dairy products. Hi-Pro Improvers are the starting point for developing premium quality, delicious and nutritious high-protein dairy products with huge consumer appeal.”



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