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6 new products: kiwi snacks, Almond Dream, Ten-Chi Cha tea, mineral foundation

Five new product launches from the Functional Ingredients April 2011 issue: Crispy Green's 100-calorie FruitziO Kiwi; Cooper Complete Dermatologic Health for Skin, Hair and Nails; Almond Dream Vanilla and Vanilla Unsweetened drinks; Ten-Chi Cha tea; African Origin supplements; KSS Minerals foundation.

100-calorie FruitziO KiwiFreeze-dried kiwi snacks
Crispy Green Inc. has expanded its FruitziO freeze-dried fruit line with the addition of 100-calorie FruitziO Kiwi. Made from kiwi fruit slices and a hint of cane sugar, the sweet and tart snack does not contain preservatives (including sulfides), fat, cholesterol or sodium; it is also vegan-friendly, peanut/tree nut free, gluten-free, dairy free and is kosher certified. FruitziO Kiwi contains natural fruit fiber and nutrients, is nutritionally equivalent to its fresh counterpart and provides 80 percent of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C per serving. Other flavors in the FruitziO line include Strawberries and Apples, Apricots, Peaches and Strawberries. The product line was launched in 2005.

Supplement line adds skin, eye formulas
Cooper Complete Dermatologic Health for Skin, Hair and NailsCooper Clinic in Dallas has developed a supplement called Cooper Complete Dermatologic Health for Skin, Hair and Nails. It contains lutein, biotin, vitamins A, C and E and other key nutrients. The product was formulated by board-certified dermatologists and includes ingredients that have proven beneficial for skin and hair. The clinic has also launched a second supplement, Cooper Health Eye Health, with vitamin D, zinc, L-cysteine, bilberry, lutein and zeaxanthin. Dr. Kenneth Cooper, founder of the Cooper Clinic, has long believed in supplementation and introduced his own line of multivitamins and supplements to consumers in 1998. Cooper Complete is now sold in retail stores across the nation and online.

New varieties of Almond Dream
The Hain Celestial Group has expanded its Almond Dream beverage line with Almond Dream Vanilla and Almond Dream VanillaVanilla Unsweetened varieties. The company also created a smoother, creamier texture to its flagship Almond Dream beverage. All Almond Dream beverages contain 50 percent more calcium than the leading brand of almond beverages, the company said, and are an excellent source of vitamins A and E; they are also enriched with vitamins B12, D and calcium. They are cholesterol free and gluten free, and appropriate for vegans.

12-herb Japanese tea blend
Ten-Chi Cha, a Japanese herbal tea designed for optimum detoxification, has been launched by ECO-VITA. Literally translated, Ten-Chi Cha means "Heaven and Earth Tea," and the tea incorporates a blend of 12 ancient Ten-Chi Cha teaJapanese herbs used for centuries to rid the body of toxins and impurities. These include: loquat leaf, rich in several essential vitamins and fiber, for digestive health; antioxidant-rich mulberry leaf; sicklepod, a fiber-rich herb; lindera leaf, often used for respiration; and Doku-Dami, a perennial herb native to Japan, to remove free radicals. The product, made in Japan, is specially brewed by roasting each herb individually. It has no calories, sugar or caffeine.

Genetically targeted supplements line
A new dietary supplements line targets the unique nutritional needs of different genetic populations. AAfrican Originll of the products are rich in phytonutrients from whole food sources, and most formulas contain more than 100 natural foods, herbs, vitamins and minerals. They contain 13 digestive enzymes and 20 amino acids. African Origin contains amaranth as a key ingredient for immune support; Asian Origin features brown seaweed, a known chelating ingredient; European Origin contains white bean extract for carbohydrate metabolism; and Hispanic Origin is centered on graviola, which has been researched in relation to cancer.

Skin foundations with only 5 ingredients
KSS Minerals is offering a line of skin foundations in nine different shades that contain only five ingredients. Its main KSS Mineralsingredient is titanium dioxide for its SPF and anti-inflammatory properties. The other ingredients are iron oxide, mica, ultra marine blue and zinc oxides. SPF ranges from 30 to 70, depending on the color. The company also offers Corrective Toner containing melaluaca alternifolia, which has been shown to reduce the appearance of acne. It also uses pH-adjusted filtered and ionized water. It helps re-establish the acid mantle of the skin after using soap, which strips the natural pH barrier away, according to the company.

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