According To New Study, Capros® Offers Different Antioxidant Properties Than Other Amla Extracts

New Brunswick, NJ, July, 2008: As more and more science is applied to the study of superfruits, the Indian gooseberry is being proven as an antioxidant superstar. But not all amla, as this popular fruit is called in India, are processed the same, resulting in vastly different antioxidant profiles, capabilities and potential health benefits. According to a new study, the singular preparation of Capros®, the antioxidant superfruit, significantly maintains the integrity of its antioxidant profile, allowing for more effective reduction of oxidative stress in the body when compared to other amla samples.

The study, conducted by Natreon, Inc. at its R&D center in Kolkata, India, examined the protective activity of Capros® compared to other Phyllanthus emblica extracts produced by four different suppliers. Each contained widely variable amounts of gallo-tannoids and gallic acid (the low molecular hydrolysable tannins varied from 8% to 65%, while Capros® had 75%; and the gallic acid levels ranged from 6% to 15%, while Capros® was at 0.3%). The study used a long-established model of oxidative stress whereby rats are severely challenged with cyclophosphamide (CP) so protective effects, if any, can be measured. Gallic acid (GA) has strong antioxidant properties but it becomes pro-oxidative in the body leading to cytotoxicity. Moreover, GA absorption is relatively poor in the intestine. The deleterious effects of gallic acid can be minimized when ingested in conjugated forms such as gallo-tannoids or alkylesters. The study reinforced that the optimum beneficial effects of amla extract can only be obtained when the gallo-tannoid content remains high and gallic acid content remains low.

In this animal study, the protective activity of Capros® was very consistent when compared with the other amla samples. Some of the amla samples showed positive effects in a few antioxidant parameters but failed to show positive effects in all antioxidant assays and other parameters tested in the present study. Only Capros® showed distinct improvement in all the antioxidant assays and in most of the parameters in the present study. This further suggests that in Capros®, the chemical constituents of amla are in natural proportions and are well preserved during processing. As for specific results of the study, Capros® was found to be more effective in increasing body weight of the stressed animals. Capros® treated animals showed a distinct increment in catalase (CAT) activity of RBC lysate and liver homogenate, with no other amla sample showing better CAT activity than Capros® treated animals. Capros® treated animals also showed consistently low MDA (a byproduct of lipid peroxidation) levels in liver homogenate and RBC lysate.

Capros® is uniquely processed, resulting in increased quality and efficacy and its high gallo-ellagi tannoid content. Extracts are taken from fruits harvested at a particular point in their growth cycle when the ratio of gallic acid to tannins is ideal, which changes as the fruit ripens. Then using Natreon’s patented water-based process, the conversion of gallo-tannoids to gallic acid by enzymatic reaction is carefully controlled. This yields a product with a distinctively different color, activity, composition, aqueous stability and consistency from any other commercially available Phyllanthus emblica extract. In fact, Capros® prepared in a controlled and patented condition from amla fruits contains a high content of low molecular weight hydrolysable (gallo-ellagi) tannoids (usually more than70% w/w) and very little amount of gallic acid (usually less than 0.5% w/w). These tannoids produce a sustained and unique cascading effect without exhibiting any pro-oxidant activity and are excellent quenchers of free radicals and non-radicals, such as hydroxyl, superoxide anion, peroxyl, peroxynitrile and singlet oxygen.

Capros® is an antioxidant ingredient made by Natreon, Inc., which brings together the powers of ancient medicine with the support and backing of modern science and clinical research. As a leading research company dedicated to developing the novel compounds revered in Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient form of treatment practiced daily by millions of individuals worldwide, Natreon, Inc. is committed to using modern technology and science to support these safe and effective ancient treatments for today’s contemporary world.

About Natreon, Inc.:

Founded in 1998, Natreon, Inc. focuses on developing novel compounds extracted from the traditional botanicals of Ayurvedic medicine. With US headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ and state-of-the-art research facilities in India, Natreon, Inc. has created a broad portfolio of products and technologies, with compelling intellectual property, that can serve unmet nutritional supplement, functional food, and pharmaceutical market needs. For more information on Natreon Inc., please visit <> .

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