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Biomic Sciences launches new category of gut health supplements

Biomic Sciences launches new category of gut health supplements
Company rebrands NEXTY Award-winning supplement RESTORE at Natural Products Expo West.

RESTORE™, a scientifically developed plant-derived mineral supplement for gut health from Biomic Sciences LLC, is relaunching at Expo West. RESTORE, previously under the New Earth Dynamics name, won a NEXTY award after Expo East 2014. The company is exhibiting at Booth #6610 in Anaheim.

The relaunch of RESTORE marks a category shift in gut health supplements. According to market research, the digestive health category, comprised of probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes, has been experiencing exponential growth in the past five years, and is expected to grow an additional 13.2 percent in 2015, from $265.9 million to $495.3 million. The premise behind RESTORE is that, with proper support, the body can build its own healing mechanism, rather than relying on supplements that simply add something considered to be missing in the diet.

RESTORE is a daily liquid supplement designed to support the protection of the entire gastrointestinal (GI) tract against damage caused by agricultural herbicides, antibiotics, GMOs, gluten and food-borne toxins by helping to create an environment where between 20,000 and 30,000 different strains of good gut bacteria thrive. Most probiotics on the market only contain less than 24 different strains of good gut bacteria.

“Seventy percent of our immune system antibody protection lies in our intestinal tract,” says Zach Bush, MD, cofounder of Biomic Sciences and RESTORE, and a triple board-certified physician with certifications in internal medicine, endocrinology and metabolism, as well as hospice care. “Without gut health, we cannot be truly healthy. Through many years of research and development, we feel that we’ve uncovered the first digestive health supplement that truly supports the body’s own healing defenses.”

RESTORE was developed by scientists trained at some of the most prestigious universities in the country, such as the University of Virginia, Duke University and the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. RESTORE has numerous wellness benefits:

  • Works to support the healthy digestion of proteins found in certain cereal grains
  • Creates a firewall against toxins entering the gut wall that can lead to adverse health conditions
  • Creates an environment for beneficial gut bacteria to flourish, supporting overall health and wellness

Because most Americans eat a diet loaded with highly processed foods, over time the intestinal wall becomes perforated, allowing toxins to leak from the gut into the bloodstream and wreaking havoc with the health of the body. Through state-of-the-art scientific studies conducted at prestigious universities and compelling anecdotal evidence from people who use RESTORE, data suggest that by keeping the gut healthy and functioning optimally, one can block gut sensitivity to gluten and other damaging chemicals and address a host of GI issues. In short, RESTORE nurtures the body’s protective membranes in the gut and in the blood-brain barrier, enabling them to work, to keep the body healthy.

RESTORE, for general health, is designed to be taken three times a day, at least 30 minutes before meals. The supplement builds the front line of protection in the gut; it naturally promotes the growth of the 20,000 to 30,000 strains of good gut bacteria the body needs. Testimonials report that one can feel RESTORE working, soothing and relaxing the gut, sometimes within 20 minutes of taking the first teaspoon.


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