CREAGRI to Unveil HIDROX 12% at IFT

CREAGRI, Inc.®, a world leader in providing the highest quality polyphenol antioxidants from organic olives, announced today that a new hydroxytyrosol formulation will be introduced at the Institute of Food Technologists’ Annual Meeting & Food Expo in Chicago, July 17–20, 2010 at Booth #5383. The new particulate-free formula, HIDROX® 12%, is the latest addition to CREAGRI®'s line of natural, organic olive polyphenolic ingredients, which also include: HIDROX® Liquid (0.5%), HIDROX® Spray Dry 2%, and HIDROX® 6% freeze dry.

"This new, organic, highly-enriched formulation was created to address the needs of the food, beverage, and cosmetic industries. Designed to provide a reliable, safe and natural source of polyphenols, HIDROX® has potent antioxidant properties and excellent bioavailability,” states Dr. Catherine Bitler, CSO and VP, Operations. "Ultracentrifugation is used to remove olive insolubles from CREAGRI®’s proprietary olive juice, the precursor to HIDROX®. HIDROX® 12% is a clean and soluble product, compatible with a number of foods and beverages, including clear water and juices.”

HIDROX® is the proprietary ingredient developed using CREAGRI®’s Integrale™ de-pitting process. "Using a totally eco-compatible process that eliminates unwanted compounds produced in the seeds of olives, the juice is recovered during the milling of olive oil and transformed into a stable, fully organic, polyphenolic-rich ingredient" added Dr. Roberto Crea, CEO and President. "HIDROX® formulations remain the only hydroxytyrosol-based products on the market which are GRAS certified, produced without the use of solvents, and that have been tested in several human trials for safety and efficacy."

In addition to dietary supplements, skin protection and wellness, CREAGRI® is now targeting the fast growing functional health beverage and energy drink industries with HIDROX® 12%. Increased product availability and supply is meant to sustain an international expansion of HIDROX® products into Asian and European markets.


For ten years, CREAGRI® has been the research leader in providing consumers and industry with the highest quality free radical-scavenging olive polyphenols. CREAGRI®’s internationally acclaimed product, HIDROX®, has been formulated for dietary supplements, cosmetics, and skin-care products; all featuring the antioxidant power of natural HYDROXYTYROSOL, the olive active bio-phenol with the highest free-radical scavenging activity of any known antioxidant.


HIDROX® is CREAGRI®’s trademarked hydroxytyrosol formulation, a powerful polyphenol scientifically recognized for its anti-oxidant properties and efficacy in heart and joint health. HIDROX® is the only olive polyphenols formulation with GRAS certification, meaning that it has been subjected to the most comprehensive set of safety and clinical efficacy tests. HIDROX® is also covered by the largest number of international patents for applications that include hydroxytyrosol and olive polyphenols. It is available in three forms to fulfill a variety of applications: HIDROX® 12% Total Polyphenols (6% hydroxytyrosol) freeze dried powder, HIDROX® 6% Total Polyphenols (3% hydroxytyrosol) powder and HIDROX® 0.5% Total Polyphenols liquid. All products are available in volumes ranging from kilograms to metric tons and can be ordered directly from CREAGRI®.

About IFT

The Institute of Food Technologists’ Annual Meeting & Food Expo is an annual event that brings together professionals involved in both the science and the business of food - experts from around the world from industry, academia, and government. Please visit for more information.

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