Desserts are part of the gums & systems success

Desserts are part of the gums & systems success

Danisco introduces two new dessert ingredient ranges in Enablers in which Gums & Systems is a part. The segment sees an annual growth of 3-5 percent. Danisco is the world’s second largest on the Gums & Systems market and part of this success is attributable to Danisco’s innovative and quality-oriented dessert concepts which cater to all global and regional preferences.

The world dessert market is subject to trends but also keeping what we know and enjoy

Being a global company present on all markets, Danisco sees the following abundance of trends in the powdered dessert market: health, indulgence, fruit, non-gelatin products for vegetarians, sugar-free products for weight management and diabetes, authentic-looking customizable treats, products for children, single households, products with added nutrients – and products that we have known for generations, but which Danisco can significantly enhance with regards to ease of preparation, clarity, texture and eating pleasure. With these varied and complex demands in this segment, Danisco has launched two ranges GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CW and GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CP, to accommodate these needs.

Danisco texturant launches

GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CW
For the powdered cook up water jelly range a complete range of textures is possible, ranging from strong and elastic to soft, smooth and gelatine-like, all with superior clarity. But unlike gelatine, this product ensures that water jellies keep their shape and texture in warmer climates and it is suitable for vegetarians. To inspire innovation in this dessert segment, Danisco has specially developed GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CW 705 for drinkable water jellies. The gelled texture breaks easily during consumption, giving a refreshing texture and creamy mouthfeel. Combining both health and premium trends, fruity water jellies have been developed to give an indulgent real fruit experience. To answer the low calorie needs a refreshing mango, no sugar added water jelly is also included, and for new flavour ideas there is a tea and lemon water jelly.

GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CP
The GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CP range has been developed to satisfy all consumer requirements – for popular classics, textural innovations and new indulgent products
- all tapping into the authenticity trend of making a dessert feel homemade.

World market for dessert mixes in 2008: 1.04 million tonnes 2008 (source: Euromonitor).

Carrageenan is a water-soluble hydrocolloid extracted from red seaweed.

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