Fenchem Builds Their Natural Ingredient Portfolio

Fenchem’s portfolio of natural ingredients for food and beverage applications includes natural colors, BetaOne™ Beta-carotene, LuMarin™ Lutein and NutraRed® Lycopene, and natural antioxidants, Tocovet® Natural vitamin E, EssenRose® Rosemary extract and G-TEA™ Tea polyphenols.

Natural Food Color is any dye obtained from any vegetable, animal or mineral, that is capable of coloring food. There is a growing demand for natural colors in the global marketplace. This demand is driven by consumers as well as major players in the retail market who want to offer their customers all-natural products. Beta-Carotene, lutein and lycopene are members of the carotenoids group-highly pigmented that are naturally present in many fuits, grain, oil and vegetables. These carotenoids are widely used as colorants in bakery foods, confectionery, ice cream, dairy products, cereal and beverages ect. Not only as a colorant, these carotenoids can also protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals and enhance the functioning of your immune system. BetaOne™ Beta-carotene is derived from fermentation of a naturally occurring fungus Blakeslea Trispora. LuMarin™ Lutein and NutraRed® Lycopene are origined from marigold and tomato respectively.

Evidence suggests that butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) is a carcinogen, and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) has been banned in Australia, Japan, Romania and Sweden. In the United States, it is prohibited for use in infant formulas. Due to health concerns over artificial antioxidants Fenchem concentrates on finding natural ones from plant extracts, including Tocovet® Natural vitamin E, EssenRose® Rosemary extract and G-TEA™ Tea polyphenols. EssenRose® is available in two forms: EssenRose™-OS rich in carnosic acid and EssenRose™-WS rich in rosmarinic acid. Both are with mild flavor dedicated for wide applications. Rosemary extract is widely used in health food industry to protect food in good condition with low concentration.

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