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Fruit D'Or, Bright Pharma launch organic cranberry capsules

Fruit D'Or, Bright Pharma launch organic cranberry capsules
Capsules contain 500 mg of Cran Naturelle, equivalent to 36 mg PACs, the highest potency cranberry powder in the market.

Stephen Lukawski, director of business development and sales for Fruit d'Or, has announced that the company has formed an exclusive partnership with Bright Pharma Caps Inc. of Hood River, Ore., to launch wholly organic cranberry capsules, containing 500 mg Cran Naturelle, organic cranberry, equivalent to 36 mg PACs, the highest potency cranberry powder in the market.

According to Patrik Barr, director of sales for Bright Pharma Caps, the company's NOP-certified Bright-Poly Organic capsules are the first and only certified organic capsules available in the market. "Bright-Poly Organic capsules have a brilliant appearance, making the finished products using Bright-Poly Organic capsules visually and functionally attractive,” he describes.

Bright-Poly Organic capsules are produced environmentally friendly and health conscious. Our NOP certified organic pullulan is water extracted from fungi grown on starch substrate, and the process uses no toxic chemicals. Barr explains, "Pullulan capsules are the best choice for oxygen-sensitive materials such as enzymes, live bacteria and antioxidants like cranberry PACs. Pullulan film is 300 times stronger than HPMC film and nine times strongerthan gelatin film of the same thickness. Pullulan is chemically inert, and does not react or cross-link. These capsules are non-brittle, glossy and run superior on high-speed encapsulation machines."

Lukawski notes that the encapsulation will be done by certified organic manufacturers PNP Pharmaceuticals in Canada, and potentially, Nutritional Labs in the US for North American marketer availability.

"With this new partnership, we can now supply the marketplace with whole food organic cranberry powder encapsulated in organic capsules with no excipients, additives, preservatives, fillers, or lubricating or flow agents," he says. "We are first to market to supply organic cranberry in organic capsules; we are the only cranberry company that's vertically integrated to provide quality from seed through to consumers."

Karl Chow, CEO of Bright Pharma, says of the partnership, "Fruit d'Or has quickly taken a leadership position in the organic cranberry ingredient marketplace. This exclusive relationship allows us to provide the end consumer with a superior quality organic cranberry capsule."

Lukawski adds that taking just one 500 mg organic cranberry capsule is equivalent to drinking eight ounces of organic cranberry juice without the sugars, making the product suitable for diabetics and those concerned about managing their blood sugar levels.

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