Hygieia Health's GlucosaGreen® Glucosamine Shows Substantial Equivalency in Ireland

April 16, 2008 - Hong Kong - Hygieia Health Co. Ltd is proud to announce that the FSAI (Food Safety Authority of Ireland) has determined that GlucosaGreen® glucosamine is substantially equivalent to current glucosamine on the market. This substantial equivalency indicates that GlucosaGreen® glucosamine has been demonstrated to be safe in composition, nutritional value, metabolism, intended use and undesirable substance levels.

Substantial equivalency must be shown when introducing a product with different starting material or process to the marketplace, and involves regulators comparing and examining product details including material source, process, impurities and safety data in order to confirm that a food or food ingredient is expected to be equally safe and suitable for purpose as those products presently available for sale. Hygieia, having passed this significant barrier, is now one of the only suppliers of vegetarian glucosamine which may be legally used in the EU. The Irish approval provides a beachhead for Hygieia in all European food supplement markets and applications.
"We're very excited about this milestone for our GlucosaGreen® product and look forward to talking about it at VitaFoods in Geneva May 6-8 (Booth 156)," notes David Corcoran, Hygieia's Marketing Manager. "Gaining this equivalency not only proves product safety, it provides a significant market edge, expanding applications as well as opportunities. What's more, it sets precedence for further penetration throughout the EU food supplement markets.”

About GlucosaGreen®
Hygieia's GlucosaGreen® line of vegetarian and vegan glucosamine is available in three salt forms, (d-glucosamine HCl, d-glucosamine sulfate 2KCl and d-glucosamine sulfate 2NaCl)all of which are in compliance with the respective USP monographs. The GlucosaGreen® range is produced in Hygieia’s wholly owned and operated world- class, CGMP compliant, purpose-built facility using patent-pending technology and manufacturing processes. The 100% non- shellfish, non-animal-derived glucosamine is deemed suitable for vegetarians, is non-allergenic, has Halal and Kosher certification and without typical residual impurities that may be found in alternative sources. GlucosaGreen® provides glucosamine supplement brand owners with a safe, green, stable source of pure, white crystalline product, suitable for tableting without the need of coating, and ready for use in discriminating beverage applications.

About Hygieia Health Co. Ltd:
Hygieia Health Co. Ltd is a Hong Kong registered company, formed in 2005 as a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements. In response to the demand for innovative ingredients, Hygieia developed a proprietary, patent pending manufacturing process for the production of a non-shellfish derived glucosamine. Commissioning of the purpose built, GlucosaGreen® production plant was achieved in 2006, with international sales commencing from the Hong Kong offices in 2007. GlucosaGreen®, Hygieia’s branded vegetarian glucosamine, is available in bulk powder and tablet/capsule forms, as are Hygieia’s range of chondroitin, shellfish derived glucosamine, herbal and other dietary supplement finished dosage forms.

For more information, visit Booth 156 at VitaFoods in Geneva March 6-8, 2008,go to www.hygieiaglobal.com or contact:

Hygieia Health Co., Ltd
Unit A, 6/F , Two ChinaChem Plaza
68 Connaught Rd Central
Hong Kong, China

David Corcoran
[email protected]

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