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MRM launches integrative immune support line

MRM launches integrative immune support line
New system of immune support is tailored to both athletes and non-athletes to reinforce the immune system on all fronts.

A market innovator of total health, wellness and active lifestyle supplements, MRM introduces an integrative line of immune support products to target distinct states of immune-compromise.

“The idea was to develop a system of immune support tailored to both the athlete and non-athlete to reinforce the immune system on all fronts—both in times of undue stress, and as a baseline of good health,” said MRM founder and president Mark Olson.

Immune Now™ boosts the immune system and helps strengthen the body's natural defense when immediate support is necessary. Delivery of a blend of vitamins and minerals, adaptogenic herbs, and key antioxidants enhances adrenal response, mitigates energy loss and reduces fatigue—all vital protective measures to support healthy immune system function. 

Immune Ready™ reinforces the body’s own defenses to combat stress and fatigue on a daily basis with a clinically proven bioactive peptide (BAP) complex called Immunel™. In clinical studies subjects taking Immunel demonstrated an increase in white blood cells (to battle foreign invaders) in just one hour, over a placebo group. A multifaceted approach to enhance immune protection, Immune Ready renews health by encouraging improvements in cellular communication. 

Immune Sport™ is a flavorful drink mix to manage the immune needs of hard-training athletes susceptible to immune suppression from post-workout physical fatigue and event-induced stress. The natural beta-glucan complex found in Wellmune WGP® is the centerpiece of this unique product, offering years of clinical research and a proven ability to boost key immune cells. The addition of vital antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins augment immune health by reversing ill effects of athletic stress from intense physical exertion.

MRM integrative immune support line may be used as a complete immune health system or as a means to strengthen individual areas of immune health, Olson says. For more information:



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