NaturaNectar launches Nasal Guardian

NaturaNectar launches Nasal Guardian

Organic aromatic aids from Brazilian bee propolis make a gentle yet effective water-based all-natural spray.

Every day, an estimated 40 million to 50 million people in the United States are exposed to millions of germs and irritants at work, home, school or while traveling. These can affect nasal and respiratory systems, interfering with day-to-day activities or lessening the quality of life. These days, simple washing of hands just won’t cut it. Fortunately, a gentle cleanse of nasal and respiratory passage can help. NaturaNectar™ introduced Nasal Guardian™ at this year’s Natural Products Expo East (NPEE) in Baltimore, Md.

Bee propolis nasal solutions have been used by generations for the cleansing of nasal and respiratory passages. Nasal Guardian’s exclusive PWE™-M (organic aromatic aids from Brazilian bee propolis) is a gentle yet effective water-based all-natural spray. Providing the whole family with all the benefits of bee propolis, Nasal Guardian’s isotonic solution is carefully formulated to promote relief and to clean while not damaging the delicate nasal mucous membrane. Additionally, Nasal Guardian’s formula includes xylitol, which is clinically proven to provide oral and respiratory health benefits. It is free of artificial, colors and scents and is sourced from the purest, highest quality ingredients.

“NaturaNectar’s Nasal Guardian uses the original, time-proven formula from Salomon Propolis® that has been safely used in Europe and Scandinavia for over three decades.” says J.L. Paes-Leme, cofounder and CEO of NaturaNectar. “By using our patented Green Extraction™ method, we ensure that the propolis in Nasal Guardian and other NaturaNectar products stays pure and of the highest quality.”

At NPEE, NaturaNectar also previewed the new visual direction of its line of bee propolis-based supplements. “Our modern design and logo makeover to be completely unveiled at NPEW in March 2014 will draw consumers in and communicate a unique identity that conveys the unparalleled quality of our products,” says Paes-Leme. Other NaturaNectar products include award-winning Throat Guardian™, Immune Guardian™, Gastro Guardian™, Red Bee Propolis™, Green Bee Propolis™, Bee Propolis Trio™ and EaseFemin™ Menopausal Support.

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