Nature*4*Science, Inc. announces website updates

Nature*4*Science, Inc. the leading supplier of premium quality raw materials including the #1 nutraceutical & pharmaceutical garlic in the industry-New-Gar® , announced today that it is updating its corporate Web site, & the showbooth graphics to reflect the company's expanded products line . "Our new Website as before will remain user-friendly. The added information will keep our customers up to date on new & unique ingredients from all over the world" stated, Pres /CEO, Mary Hasrouni AbiFadel, who has spent the past four months traveling all over the world visiting suppliers & manufacturers "Customer service is our top priority. Our main goal is to provide our customers, and our site visitors with the most up-to-date information on our line of nutraceutical products, and to make sure that the information is user-friendly, and available at any given time.

Furthermore, added Mrs AbiFadel, we are very excited to introduce for the first time in the nutraceutical industry a twin product to garlic: New-Unio®. New-Unio® is a nutraceutical deodorized & standardized proprietary onion blend offering a high Iso-Alliin (precursor to flavor & medicinal claims). We should be in full production by spring of 2010. The New-Unio® is backed by several international clinical studies with the latest from Italy claiming hopes for reducing risk for colorectal cancer. New-Unio® is made from several medicinal genes of onions to capture all the possible health benefits”

Nature*4*Science, Inc. headquartered in Anaheim , Calif. , is a global supplier of dietary supplements and functional food ingredients including standardized and drug ratio garlic extracts-New-Gar® , and other specialty supplements. All our ingredients undergo stringent quality analysis that includes heavy metal, pesticide, micro and potency.

Nature*4*Science, Inc. was founded in May 2002 by Mary Hasrouni AbiFadel, an Herbalist & industry expert. Nature*4*Science, Inc. is a distributor of herbal extracts, and unique nutraceutical ingredients, including New-Gar® -the #1 leading nutraceutical/pharmaceutical garlic in the industry.

Nature*4*Science, Inc. also offers a variety of services such as technical, formulations, marketing/sales, as well as a private label developer working with respectable manufacturings. ”Our successful growth secret is an old & often forgotten recipe:
Quality, service, knowledge & Integrity, declares Mrs. AbiFadel, It is not only the motto of Nature*4*Science, but it is what the company is truly all about”.

Nature*4*Science, Inc. philosophy is to provide the highest quality products at very competitive prices. “To accomplish our mission, we have strategically partnered with the growers & the manufacturers”, added Mrs. AbiFadel. “All our products are planted, grown, harvested, & processed based on discussed & agreed upon specifications set by N4S technical/ management departments and the manufacturers/strategic partners. All products are tested in-house based on USP/NF updated methods & recorded on the Certificate of Analysis. Test results are verified & certified periodically by an accredited U.S. laboratory to keep the testing equipments calibrated. We maintain a large inventory in Southern California, & we are able to dispatch most domestic & international orders within two-three working days”. For more information on Nutraceutical/pharmaceutical garlic, & other fine products, please visit our continuously updated website:

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