New MLM promotes algae, fungi

New MLM promotes algae, fungi

New Earth launches with four premium supplement lines based on algae and mushrooms.

Leveraging 30 years of life-changing experience with the health benefits of Wild Bluegreen™ Algae, New Earth is launching four premium supplement lines into a high-demand marketplace. As affinity for natural, organic foods has ripened over the last several years, New Earth’s whole superfoods are positioned for vibrant growth in the network marketing industry. 

“New Earth is the first to discover the perfect environment to harvest fresh Wild Bluegreen Algae here in the pristine volcanic, and pure Klamath Lake,” said Jerry Anderson, New Earth president. “We have made it our business and passion to share the finest superfoods with the whole world, offered with the most influential and dynamic business model—network marketing.” New and experienced entrepreneurs alike are encouraged to join this authentic opportunity committed to sustainable residual income.

Grounded in success as one of the first companies to manufacture Wild Bluegreen Algae supplements, New Earth has perfected its line of products and united the potent benefits of fungi in its full range offering.  Essentials™, Wild, Edge, Thrive, and Give—a charitable line, meet the crucial needs of every health conscious consumer and those in need as part of the company’s commitment to the whole health of all societies. “The confidence and testimonials in our products transformative benefits are established and changing lives every day,” said Bilal Ruknuddeen, New Earth CEO. “New Earth has already built a multimillion-dollar facility to manufacture the gold standard in superfoods.”

New Earth has aggressive marketing and expansion plans outside the United States confident that its business is a mission to help people live, give and grow. Tools, support and events are ready and operating to provide the best growth platform for experienced and new networkers. “The efficacy behind New Earth’s superfoods, Wild Bluegreen Algae and fungi is unmatched and our products are renewing lives every day. Join us in that success,” said Ruknuddeen


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