OptimHealth launches in India

OptimHealth launches in India

India-based AVT Natural Products is working with BrandHive to launch and market its new condition-specific supplement line.

Chennai, India-based AVT Natural Products recently completed the successful launch of OptimHealth, a full line of condition-specific supplements in India. Working with BrandHive on branding for the project, AVT reported positive results so far and a successful introduction of the new line. The initial launch included Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad with plans to broaden the scope in consecutive phases.

Recognizing the unique consumer needs of the market in India, AVT approached BrandHive with the desire to customize the introduction of their ingredients. BrandHive and AVT began the process with extensive market research. Part of this process included setting up focus groups with native populations in target launch cities, including New Delhi. In general, the findings indicated openness to a modern take on wellness would be better accepted if it incorporated elements of Ayurvedic tradition with Western Science. This insight helped shape BrandHive’s efforts from start to finish of the AVT project including brand positioning, development of a brand story, product formulation and product packaging as well as determination of the brand name, OptimHealth. BrandHive involved themselves in every step of the process to maintain a solid understanding of the cultural influence on the brand.

“Although the branding of a product line for India was a first for the BrandHive team, keeping sight of the importance of a cultural understanding was clear”, said Jeff Hilton, cofounder and partner of BrandHive. “The launch of OptimHealth was a success because it reflected what we call ‘modernized tradition’ into every element of the brand including photography, the website, marketing collateral and the overall launch strategy.”


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