Rejuvila debuts Youth Protect with Setria Glutathione

Rejuvila debuts Youth Protect with Setria Glutathione

New supplement combines Kyowa Hakko's Setria Glutathione with GliSODin SOD and organic kale and watercress to promote healthy aging.

Rejuvila has created a trifecta of free radical defense with Youth Protect™. A combination of Setria® Glutathione, GliSODin® SOD—a free radical fighter—and organic kale and watercress, Youth Protect™ is designed to promote healthy aging.*

As the body ages, its stores of antioxidant defenses naturally declines. Eating, exercising and even breathing creates free radicals, which are imbalanced molecules that attack at the cellular level. This constant siege can impact overall health and wellness—and how quickly a person ages. Antioxidants, such as those found in Youth Protect, are vital to getting the body back in balance.

Setria Glutathione—a brand of glutathione, nature’s “master antioxidant”—replenishes the body’s stores while also protecting cells from oxidative stress and harmful toxins. Setria Glutathione has also been shown to extend the life of other antioxidants in the body, such as vitamins E and C. GliSODin SOD has been shown to be the only oral product to effectively deliver SOD—superoxide dismutase orgotein—as it is bound with gluten free Gliadin from wheat that protects the inherently fragile SOD molecule from stomach acids. Together with the kale and watercress in Youth Protect, the ingredients create a powerful protector as we age.

“Both kale and watercress are high in sulfur, a precursor to glutathione, which helps boost the effect of Setria Glutathione,” said Myra Michelle Mesko Eby, Rejuvila chief executive officer. “These plants also contain gluconasturtin, which has been shown to have health-protecting properties, as well as valuable nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium.”


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