Solara Labs launches BariMelts

Solara Labs launches BariMelts

Enhanced nutrient availability provides patients with a new option for getting the supplemental nutrition so important following Bariatric surgery.

Solara Labs, the pioneer of fast-melting vitamin and supplement technology in the natural products industry, announces the launch of its BariMelts® line of dietary supplements produced for Bariatric surgery patients.

Solara Labs founder and CEO, Dr. J. Rocca, remarked, "I am thrilled to bring our great-tasting, all-natural melts to the Bariatric community. The BariMelts brand represents our finest work and is the result of more than 50 years of formulating experience, fulfilling our vision of Bariatric patients having access to the world's finest ingredients and innovations in the natural products marketplace."

BariMelts are distinguished by their great taste and distinct melt-in-mouth characteristics, which provide immediate nutrient availability of active ingredients. Because the ingredients dissolve in the mouth, there is no breakdown required from the adjusted digestive systems of Bariatric patients to dissolve the tablets, as is often the case with traditional capsules, pills and hard-packed chewables.

"The enhanced nutrient availability of BariMelts provides patients with a new option for getting the supplemental nutrition so important to their long-term success following Bariatric surgery," continued Dr. Rocca.

BariMelts are also all-natural formulas, a feature that received rave reviews from dietitians and patients concerned with limiting their intake of artificial components. The melts are made with premium gluten-free, GMO-free ingredients and no inclusion of any artificial flavors, sweeteners and synthetic FD&C dyes.

Monica Ganz, PhD, the resident Bariatric patient on the BariMelts team, remarked, "BariMelts are a true innovation in the Bariatric marketplace and provide patients with an unmatched tool for complying to their vitamin regimen—a necessity for long-term success. From my own journey, I know how hard it is to take those vitamins, day in and day out. With BariMelts we set out to make that easier—knowing that great taste leads to great compliance."

Marketing Vice President Tim Berthold remarked, "Our mission is to support Bariatric patients in fearlessly living their best lives. Not just with our products, but with encouragement and support through the weight-loss journey. Sticking to a vitamin regimen should be easy—we think our melts are the perfect product to make that happen. We are excited about the future of our brand and the opportunity to help Bariatric patients take charge of their own health."


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