Take a virtual tour of NOW Foods' facility to see how quality supplements are made

Before we can even talk about how well a dietary supplement works, there is the foundational issue of safety. If you lose on safety, all bets are off. Responsible supplements industry manufacturers routinely turn to third-party testing labs to independently test incoming ingredients in order to assure that what's printed on the label is, in fact, in the bottle.

Longtime supplements leader NOW Foods has taken a different tack. Because this tightly held private brand knows it will remain in business for decades to come, it has invested millions of dollars and dedicated more than 100 employees to its own in-house quality control enterprise.

We took a tour of the plant, located on the western flanks of Chicago, and were mightily impressed. Take an exclusive inside tour with us!

For a deeper dive into what the industry is doing to validate ingredients, tackle adulteration and guarantee supplement safety, check out our free digital guide that should be of interest to everyone along the value chain, from retailers to service providers, regulators and consumers.


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