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Twinlab launches CleanSeries Veggie Protein

Twinlab launches CleanSeries Veggie Protein
Winner of the 2013 NEXTY award for supplements, CleanSeries is one of the only veggie proteins on the market that's certified.

Vegetarian athletes rejoice! Finally there is a protein powder designed with the needs of active vegetarians and vegans in mind. One of the only veggie proteins on the market that is certified, mindful consumers can trust that this product meets their need for a clean, high-quality and effective sports protein. Certified to meet the rigorous standards outlined below, Twinlab Veggie Protein is changing the sports nutrition landscape. 

Twinlab Corp., through its CleanSeries brand, has brought to market a unique and standard-setting line of protein products that each are: 

  • Independently certified by the NSF International product certification program to verify that products meet nutrient label claims
  • Certified gluten-free by NSF
  • Non-GMO tested by an independent third-party lab using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing for genetically modified DNA to a limit of 0.9 percent
  • Batch tested by HFL for banned substances in accordance with HFL’s Informed Choice and Informed Sport programs 

Twinlab CleanSeries spokesperson and personal trainer to numerous celebrities including Dr. Mehmet Oz, Joel Harper is often asked about the importance of nutrition in a fitness regimen. “Vegetarian athletes have special diet considerations, most notably a lack of adequate protein necessary for maximal tissue growth and repair. Twinlab’s Veggie Protein is a great choice for vegetarian athletes looking for options.”  This athlete-inspired vegetarian formula features protein from yellow peas, sprouted brown rice, chlorella—a unique algae protein—and black chia seeds, and is then combined with an enzyme blend to help ease digestion.
“CleanSeries represents a new standard in sports nutrition, helping us serve athletes in search of “clean” supplements that don’t sacrifice performance for peace of mind.” said Marc Stover, Twinlab’s director of marketing. “Our innovative formula in the Veggie Protein is truly a breakthrough and we strongly believe there will be wide market adoption of this product based on the unique advantages that it offers to vegetarian athletes.”
Some of the key benefits of CleanSeries Veggie Protein: 

  • Promotes muscle repair and recovery
  • Enzyme-assisted formula to help aid digestion
  • Formulated to provide 3.7 grams of naturally occurring branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) per serving to help support lean muscle growth
  • Vegan formula
  • Low glycemic index
  • No cholesterol
  • No preservatives added
  • No lactose, wheat, dairy, fish or egg
  • No yeast, starch or citrus ingredients 

Known for its high standards in producing quality sports nutrition products, Twinlab is a brand that consumers have come to trust. In addition to this new vegetarian formulation, the CleanSeries Sports Protein line also includes three additional non-vegetarian protein products:

  • CleanSeries™ Sport Protein
  • CleanSeries™ Whey Protein Isolate
  • CleanSeries™ Soy Protein Isolate 

Topping off an impressive list of certifications, CleanSeries was recently awarded a 2013 NEXTY Award—an industry forecasting achievement that recognizes innovation and trend-setting in the natural products industry.
CleanSeries products are available at select Sprouts Markets nationally as well as select Whole Foods and GNC stores and online at Additionally, Twinlab is continuing its rollout to other forward-thinking health and natural food stores.


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