Twinlab unveils new supplements at Expo East

Twinlab unveils new supplements at Expo East

Here's a sneak peek at Twinlab’s newest vitamin, sports nutrition products and Alvita teas.

Twinlab Corp., the brand trusted as a leader in innovative, high performance health and wellness products, will launch several new products at the Natural Products Expo East Show in Baltimore Sept. 26 to 28.  Every product produced in our manufacturing facility in American Fork, Utah, goes through Twinlab's rigorous manufacturing standards to ensure the high-level of quality consumers have come to trust. Twinlab’s newest vitamin, sports nutrition products and Alvita teas are located in Hall A-D, Booth #6024.

CleanSeries sports performance products
The next generation of sports nutrition products, Twinlab’s CleanSeries brand debuts two all new formulas that contain no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners and are certified gluten free and non-GMO and are also banned substance tested and NSF® Tested and Certified. Additionally, Veggie Protein proudly holds a certification, making it a clear winner for vegetarian and vegan athletes.

“CleanSeries represents a new standard in sports nutrition, helping us serve athletes in search of 'clean' supplements that don’t sacrifice performance for peace of mind,” says Marc Stover, Twinlab’s director of marketing.

  • Veggie Protein – Designed with the needs of active vegetarians and vegans in mind, this breakthrough product is certified and formulated with protein from yellow peas, sprouted brown rice, chlorella and black chia seeds. 
  • Gainers 600 – Clean athletes looking to pack on muscle mass are often left wanting for solutions. New Gainer’s 600 helps fill the void with an advanced protein-fueled formula that provides 600 efficient calories, 40g of protein, and 7g of MCTs per serving.  

Alvita supplement teas
Alvita understands that herbs are gifts from the earth and takes this stewardship seriously by offering carefully harvested teas in earth-friendly packaging. Hand illustrations adorn boxes made using 100-percent recycled paperboard, and the English, pillow-style teas bags are oxygen-bleached, not chlorine-treated. In addition to sustainable packaging, Alvita continues to offer new, organic supplement teas offering several benefits.

  • Organic Catnip Tea – A member of the mint family, this herb has been traditionally brewed to soothe an upset stomach and has a savory woodsy aroma and flavor with a hint of mint.*
  • Organic Valerian-Peppermint Tea – For centuries, valerian has been used by herbalists worldwide to support restful sleep and relaxation. Blended with peppermint, this tea has the characteristic smooth, smoky aroma of valerian with the cooling, minty flavor of peppermint.
  • Organic Spearmint Tea – Used for thousands of years as a culinary ingredient and fragrance in cosmetics, spearmint is perhaps most well known for its powers to soothe an upset stomach. This tea bears a delicate mint flavor with just a hint of sweetness. 

Twinlab vitamins
Twinlab continues to create exceptional Healthy Aging products with the addition of Age-Defense Telomere Multi and BioPQQ MicroTabs. The Twinlab DOTs line is an easy, convenient, on the go solution for a broad array of health benefits. The two newest additions, L-Theanine DOTs and Zinc Carnosine DOTs offer quick support in a unique delivery form. Twinlab continues to lead in the innovation of new products to meet growing consumer needs.

  • BioPQQ Microtabs – An essential co-factor in many important enzymatic processes, pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) has been shown to support energy production. In addition, PQQ provides antioxidant activity and may also help support cognitive function.
  • Time-Release Probiotic – Featuring five different probiotic strains, each with their own benefits, this unique formula supports a healthy immune system and healthy intestinal function. In addition, instead of just protection from stomach acid, the bio-tract delivery system gradually releases probiotics throughout the entire intestinal tract over a period of several hours.
  • Zinc Carnosine Dots – Available in a convenient and portable quick-dissolve dot, this combination of the mineral zinc bound with dipeptide L-carnosine has been found to help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal environment and help provide relief for occasional gastric discomfort and heartburn.
  • Age-Defense Telomere Multi™ – A once-daily multivitamin that delivers at least 100 percent of the Daily Value for 16 key vitamins and minerals, and provides antioxidant protection against premature cellular aging and telomere support.
  • L-Theanine Dots – Convenient, chewable tablets support mental alertness while promoting relaxation. 200mg L Theanine may help reduce some measures of stress in as little as 15 minutes.


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