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UltraCBD releases new hemp oil supplement

UltraCBD releases new hemp oil supplement
The 2-ounce 400 mg hemp oil supplement contains naturally occurring CBD and is available in limited quantities at launch time.

The UltraCBD™ team has released a 2-ounce offering with twice as much hemp extract to meet the increasing demand for CBD oil. The 2-ounce 400mg CBD supplement is available for retail sale in limited quantities and will be available for wholesale orders in the first half of 2015. UltraCBD takes great pride in using the highest quality extract from industrial hemp ensuring that all products manufactured by the company have the best possible flavoring while maintaining the wellness components of a high-quality CBD supplement.

UltraCBD 2 oz. 400mg supplement

UltraCBD launched its first 1 oz. 200mg CBD supplement derived from organic, high quality CBD hemp oil in June 2014.  The Company spent the first half of the year sourcing additional organic CBD oil and conducting research and development, ensuring that all raw materials processed with CO2 extraction are toxin and heavy metal free for the U.S. market. The research and development process including an emphasis on taste testing and the first flavor launched was Natural Spearmint. Additional flavors and product lines launches are planned for 2015.

The UltraCBD hemp oil supplement is prepared in a NSF cGMP-certified facility. This means that the process follows Good Manufacturing Practices based on certified independent safety standards. All ingredients and lots are tested for E. coli, Staph, total plate count, coliforms and Salmonella, and are tested against industry-standard quality control measures. This hemp-based nutraceutical contains a proprietary blend of hemp extract, ginger rhizome extract, honey, spearmint extract and vegetable glycerin. Microbiological and other testing protocols are also required before the final product can leave the facility.

With the wide range of CBD products available in the market, UltraCBD prides itself on being a leader in product safety, quality control and distributing a product that balances great taste with effectiveness. CBD supplements may assist in promoting overall wellness and easing anxiety due to everyday stress.

The UltraCBD team is vested heavily in the manufacturing process and is fully committed to providing the market with the best and safest cannabinoid supplement at a fair price. Consumers can rest assured that UltraCBD is made in a food grade facility by a team that is experienced in best practices for formulating and manufacturing dietary supplements.


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