Waitkai Biosciences Launches Suspension Grade MCH-Cal for High Performance Liquid Bone Health Supplements

Natural ingredient specialist Waitaki Biosciences has developed a suspension grade version of its flagship bone health complex, MCH-Cal™. The new MCH-Cal Suspension Grade possesses good suspension properties to facilitate easy integration into liquid formulations. This latest innovation promises to help manufacturers produce liquid bone health supplements offering the proven bone heath benefits of powder grade MCH-Cal.

Produced using 100% New Zealand sourced, bioavailable raw materials, MCH-Cal is a totally natural, bone derived complex that supports optimal bone mineral composition and overall bone health. MCH-Cal delivers all the elements present in healthy bone tissue in naturally occurring ratios, namely a minimum of 24 percent calcium, 10 percent phosphorous and 22 per cent bone protein (including up to 20% type I collagen), in addition to a range of trace minerals and glycosaminoglycans. Waitaki Biosciences’ proprietary manufacturing process gently preserves these nutrients and ensures they are present in the correct physiological ratios.

By developing a specialized milling technology, Waitaki Biosciences is now able to manufacture a fine, suspension grade MCH-Cal with a particle size distribution of 100% <150 micron and 65% <75 micron. This fine particle size quickly and easily forms a suspension in water and ensures no gritty mouthfeel. When incorporated into daily dose liquid supplements, MCH-Cal Suspension Grade’s high calcium content ensures a valuable calcium boost. Additionally, growth factors within the product’s protein fraction deliver significant bone building properties.

Commenting on this breakthrough, Craig McIntosh, CEO, Waitaki Biosciences says: “Studies show that the senior market is the most frequent users of nutritional supplements and, with 39 million Americans already aged over 65, demand is thriving. MCH-Cal is proven to effectively restore bone mass and slow and prevent bone loss. With MCH-Cal Suspension Grade, manufacturers can deliver these benefits in a powerful, liquid form. Not only are liquid supplements easier to swallow than solid forms, such as pills, capsules and powders, they are also absorbed more quickly and directly by the body. In this way, MCH-Cal Suspension Grade is well positioned to meet the needs of anyone seeking effective, convenient bone care – particularly the growing ageing demographic.”

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