Wakunaga launches Lucky 7 for male sexual health

Wakunaga launches Lucky 7 for male sexual health

New supplement contains a blend of testosterone-boosting herbs like Codonopsis lanceolata and Tribuus terrestris, libido enhancers like maca, and pro-erectile nutrients like l-citrulline, selenium and zinc. 

A decrease in men’s testosterone level is a natural function of aging. Symptoms include feeling excessively fatigued, weaker and depressed. One of the biggest worries faced by men with declining testosterone levels is the possibility that their sexual desire and performance will be affected.

Wakunaga of America, the company that brought Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract to the U.S., is launching a new male enhancement supplement called Lucky 7. Formulated to promote healthy testosterone levels, enhance blood flow and support normal reproductive function, Lucky 7 contains a unique combination of herbs and nutrients designed to work synergistically in a man’s body. Each capsule contains a blend of testosterone-boosting herbs like Codonopsis lanceolata, Tribuus terrestris and LongJack; libido enhancers like maca; and pro-erectile nutrients like l-citrulline, selenium, and zinc. 

“We are delighted to introduce Lucky 7 as a safe and healthful solution to help boost testosterone levels for optimal male performance,” notes Jay Levy, director of sales at Wakunaga of America Co., Ltd. “These seven ingredients work synergistically to help increase energy and performance, build stamina and strength, and stimulate libido and sexual energy.”

An anchor ingredient in Lucky 7 is unique and proprietary form of Codonopsis lanceolata which contains a unique bioactive form of saponins to improve testosterone levels. This material also contains special biological components called phenylpropanoinds to enhance formation of sperm at higher levels. These phenylpropanoinds exist in higher percentage than other codonopsis materials. 

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