2008 Annual International Society for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (ISNFF) Conference in Taiwan, November 14-17, 2008

The 2008 annual International Society for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (ISNFF) conference will take place at the EvergreenLaurelHotel in Taichung, Taiwan from November 14-17, 2008.

The INSFF international advisory board is made up experts from around the world, including:

Mr. Anthony Almada(USA); Dr. DebasisBagchi(USA); Dr. Colin Barrow (Canada); Dr. Joseph Betz (USA); Dr. Zhen-Yu Chen (Hong Kong); Ms. Audra Davies (USA); Dr. Colin Dennis (UK); Dr. Chi-Tang Ho (USA); Dr. Lucy Sun Hwang (Taiwan); Dr. Kazuki Kanazawa (Japan); Dr. Se-Kwon Kim (Korea); Dr. Hannu J. Korhonen (Finland); Dr. Hyong Joo Lee (Korea); Dr. Kazuo Miyashita (Japan); Dr. Ronald B. Pegg(USA); Dr. Peter Roupas(Australia); Dr. AugustinScalbert(France); Dr. FereidoonShahidi(Canada); Dr. Young-JoonSurh(Korea); Dr. C-K. Wang (Taiwan); Dr. Gary Williamson (UK); Dr. JerzyZawistowski(Canada)

The Conference Symposia will include topics such as;

•Fermented functional foods

•Asian functional foods

•Algal products

•Nutraceuticaland functional beverages

•Pre-and probiotics

•Nutraceuticallipids, biopeptidesand carbohydrates

•Marine nutraceuticals

•Antioxidant polyphenolsI (Sources, products, measurement, mechanism of action and health effects)

•Regulatory issues for nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, natural health products and functional foods

•Dietary supplements

•Import-export issues for nutraceuticalsand functional foods

•Herbal and traditional remedies

•Functional foods and nutraceuticalsin disease risk reduction (diabetes,cancer, cardiovascular)

•Absorption, metabolism and action mechanism of nutraceuticalsand functional food ingredients

•Delivery systems for nutraceuticalsand functional food ingredients, including nano-technology

•Nutrigenomics, proteomics, metabolomicsand metabolic syndrome

•Nutraceuticalsand functional food ingredients from co-products and by-products

•Nuts and wellness

•Green processing of nutraceuticalsand dietary supplements

•Voluntary papers

For registration and other information visit: isnff.org

* Disclaimer*: Program details and speakers may change due to circumstances.

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