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A&B Ingredients anticipates growing interest for antimicrobials

A&B Ingredients expects renewed interest in its CytoGuard LATM antimicrobial for use in processed meat and poultry products in light of the recent Associated Press (AP) report that estimates that half the meat and poultry sold in supermarkets may be tainted with the staph germ.

Gil Bakal, A&B Ingredients’ Managing Director, expects renewed interest in its CytoGuard LA(TM) antimicrobial for use in processed meat and poultry products in light of the recent Associated Press  report that estimates that half the meat and poultry sold in supermarkets may be tainted with the staph germ. A&B Ingredients is a leading developer, marketer and distributor of food ingredients.

According to AP, researchers from the Translational Genomics Research Institute found more than half of supermarket meat contained Staphylococcus aureus, bacteria that can make people ill. The research was based on 136 samples of beef, chicken, pork and turkey purchased from grocery stores in several states. Other findings were that half of the contaminated samples contained a form of the bacteria that proved to be resistant to several kinds of antibiotics.

Bakal points to the fact that the Translational Genomics Research Institute research comes on the heels of a CDC report that people in 10 states had been sickened by salmonella bacteria in a popular brand of raw, frozen turkey burger products that may also be resistant to several common antibiotics, such as ampicillin, amoxicillin and tetracycline, thus increasing the risk of treatment failure in infected individuals.

He further notes that the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) estimate that more than 76 million incidents of foodborne illness occur in the United States each year.

“For the most part, foodborne illnesses are the direct result of eating foods or drinking
beverages that are contaminated with bacteria, parasites or viruses. In most instances, contamination occurs in food processing,” says Bakal

 Pointing to A&B Ingredients recently developed antimicrobial, CytoGuard LA, Bakal notes it was specifically designed for use in processed meat and poultry products to combat foodborne illnesses during the processing stage. Based on Lauric Arginate, a derivate of Lauric Acid, L-Arginine and Ethanol—all naturally occurring substances—CytoGuard LAis effective at significantly reducing bacterial levels in a wide range of food products by altering the cell membranes of the microbes, thus preventing their growth.

Bakal states that the efficacy of CytoGuard LA is not affected by pH and have a wide spectrum of activity and functions on nearly all bacteria. “It is particularly effective against salmonella listeria, E. Coli, campylobacter, yeast, molds and lactobacillus, just to name a few,” he says. “CytoGuard LA is also effective for improving food safety and reducing bacteria levels of refrigerated food products, all types of prepared salads, as well as ready-to-eat fresh cuts of meat and poultry. Because it is used at low levels, it typically does not impact flavor, color, texture or pH of the product.”

Among the benefits of CytoGuard LA are:

  • Stable up to one year
  • Stable in pH ranges 3-9
  • Stable to heating and freezing
  • Concentrates in the water phase of products
  • At typical usage levels it does not impart any off flavors to most food products
  • It is a clear liquid and will not affect the appearance of food products

The preferred method of application of CytoGuard LA is through A&B Ingredients’ SLIC™ (Spayed Lethality in Container) technology. SLIC is a patent-pending process designed to improve the safety of ready to eat (RTE) processed meat products against foodborne contaminants. But unlike its conventional rivals, SLIC is based on introducing an antimicrobial into the vacuum packaging of the RTE meat products before, or as the product is inserted, using the force of the vacuum to spread the antimicrobial purge.

Bakal added that the active components in CytoGuard LA have been proven a safe and effective alternative to conventional processing treatments. He said, “Full toxicology studies and research have been conducted on the active component in CytoGuard LA and were found to be a non-toxic compound. The active compound in CytoGuard LA is metabolized by the body very rapidly and broken down into its natural building block components.”

Founded in 1990, A&B Ingredients is a leading developer, marketer and distributor of high quality natural food ingredients. Among the products offered are pea proteins, antioxidants, antimicrobials and natural and artificial flavors. Based on a tradition of research and development, A&B’s focus is to discover unique flavors and ingredients that enable its customers to create value-added products. The company is committed to working, as a partner, to develop prototypes of new beverages and improved food products. A&B maintains full applications labs, pilot plant facilities with consumer testing capabilities, and provides technical sales and marketing, importing, distribution and applications development/technical services.

For more information, visit A&B’s website at

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