Aloecorp’s Qmatrix(TM) Proprietary Processing Technology Creates New Generation Of Breakthrough Aloe vera Products

Lacey, WA – October 3, 2005 – Aloecorp, the world’s leading vertically integrated supplier of bioactive Aloe vera raw materials, has ushered in a new era in the world of Aloe with the introduction of its Qmatrix™ Proprietary Processing Technology—the only technology of its kind available in the Aloe Industry—which will forever change the way in which Aloe is processed and utilized in new product manufacturing.

Qmatrix™ Proprietary Processing is a multiphase Aloe manufacturing process consisting of technological innovation and processing upgrades that, combined, produce an Aloe crystal flake unrivaled in the industry. Qmatrix™ utilizes an important combination of Aloecorp’s proprietary, patent-pending Low Temperature/Short Time (LTST) Aloe dehydration technology, and its patented Modified Aloe Polysaccharide (MAP) process. MAP involves the enzymatic modification of Aloe polysaccharides to meet a molecular weight distribution that aids in enhanced bioactivity. The crystal flakes produced using Qmatrix™ contain superior benefits to traditionally produced Aloe, with a “same as fresh” quality upon reconstitution and unparalleled solubility.

Perhaps even more remarkably, Qmatrix™ allows for the simultaneous dehydration of whole foods such as berry purees and whole Aloe—producing a great tasting and highly nutritious powder that can easily be reconstituted, bottled, or packaged dry (to make an Aloe drink on the spot). Even better than freeze drying—studies have shown that the Qmatrix dehydration technology provides greater retention of nutrients and bioactive constituents, as well as improved flavor and color profiles.

“Qmatrix™ is the dawn of a new era for Aloecorp, and we are wildly excited about the infinite possibilities this technology presents for the development of an unprecedented, new generation of breakthrough Aloe vera products,” said Ken Jones, Aloecorp’s Director of Scientific Affairs. “As the world leader in quality Aloe processing, our dedication to improving the quality and efficacy of Aloe is never-ending—and Qmatrix™ is our newest step in fulfilling our company’s mission of ‘bringing the best of nature to mankind.’”

Jones indicated that with Qmatrix™, Aloecorp has produced a line of currently available Value Added products, including Aloe Plus Blueberry, Aloe Plus Cranberry and Aloe Plus Raspberry. “These products provide the well-known benefits of berries for addressing a variety of health conditions, along with the centuries-old health benefits of Aloe,” he said. Jones also stated that the potential for producing other novel Qmatrix™ products is limitless, and includes nutritional supplements, functional foods, specialty products, sports and healthy snack bars, functional waters, juices, teas, seasonings, milk flavorings, cereals, salad toppings, gum, and more. The company is currently marketing a plain Aloe gel 10-mesh and 80-mesh powder produced by the Qmatrix™ Proprietary Processing Technology.

Aloecorp has also entered a new product development partnership to produce a line of Value Added Aloe Plus Oils—using vitamin E, flax seed oil and olive oil—that can add fortification to a host of products, such as functional foods, supplements, after-bath talcs and makeup, to name a few.

Other Qmatrix™ Proprietary Processing product benefits include reduced moisture absorbance and targeted bulk density, providing easier formulation and flow characteristics. Aloecorp’s new dehydration technology also provides a homogeneous dry product that does not separate when homogeneous liquids are dried together. These innovations by Aloecorp will continue to revolutionize the Aloe industry.
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About Aloecorp
Aloecorp, Inc. ( and sister company Unigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ( are subsidiaries of Univera, Inc. Unigen and Aloecorp each focus on identifying and studying the unique ingredients of medicinal botanicals (Aloecorp’s focus is on Aloe vera) and then formulating proprietary raw materials for use in cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products.

Aloecorp is a multinational company providing research-proven, bioactive Aloe vera ingredients to world markets. Aloecorp’s corporate philosophy is to “bring the best of nature to mankind,” and does so with its bioactive, standardized Aloe vera that guarantees 10% polysaccharides by weight, and is clinically proven to enhance the activity of Native Aloe gel. Since its inception in 1988, Aloecorp has been the world’s leading vertically integrated supplier of raw Aloe vera materials. All of Aloecorp’s raw Aloe vera materials have been scientifically tested for biological activity, certified pure by the International Aloe Science Council, and clinically supported in published, peer-reviewed studies. Aloecorp provides raw Aloe vera materials to finished goods manufacturers in the nutritional and dietary supplement, functional food, cosmeceutical, personal care and pharmaceutical industries. Aloecorp, ACTIValoe™, and all associated logos are registered trademarks of Aloecorp in the United States and other countries. Unigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has granted Aloecorp an exclusive licensing agreement to use its patented processes to manufacture ACTIValoe™.

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