Anlit wins finished product award

Anlit wins finished product award

Anlit Advanced Nutrition supplements won a top VitaFoods 2011 Tasting Bar FPE award for the Tastiest Finished Product at the Finished Products Expo show in Geneva.

Anlit Advanced Nutrition supplements, Israel, won a top VitaFoods 2011 Tasting Bar @ FPE award for the “Tastiest Finished Product” on exhibit at the Finished Products Expo show in Geneva.

Anlit, in collaboration with Ingredia Nutritional, France, developed Anlit win stop award"Sweet Dreams," an advanced supplement format designed to help children age 1-14 sleep better during the night. This cutting-edge product contains Anlit’s Lactium®, a proven-safe, all-natural ingredient backed by extensive research.

"Sweet dreams" is another innovative product in the exclusive and specially designed line of food supplements for kids. The line includes sugar free probiotic, iron, Omega 3 and more, all-addressing condition specific categories for kids. As a leader in developing and producing food supplement for kids, all Anlit's product was designed not only to supply a high quality food supplement with high value but also child oriented.

“We are very proud to receive the top FPE Tasting Bar award for our new ingredient, "Sweet Dreams," says Shai Karlinski, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Anlit. “It reflects our mission to become the most innovative dietary supplement company in the industry. Follow an intensive FPE Awardwork of the R&D team we opened a completely new line of products targeting condition-specific categories designed especially for children. This is a good example of Anlit’s ability to create forward-thinking solutions for children, combining health with great taste for results that are sure to be a success in the market.”

“Sweet Dreams” is in the form of sugar-free, vanilla-flavored teddy bear-shaped treats containing Lactium®, and made in a propriety platform of blister-packed yogurt chews.

Anlit Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Ma'abarot Product Group, Israel, a public company traded in TASE and a partner of Nestle in the Israeli leader brand of infant formula Materna. The company keeps strengthening its competitiveness edge through innovation and high quality products.

Anlit Ltd. is an innovative developer and manufacturer of a broad range of innovative dietary supplements that are developed specially for children. Anlit's products are all natural, with no artificial colors or preservatives. All products are GMP, ISO 9001:2000, HACCP compliant and Kosher certified.

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