Applied Food Sciences, LLC Announced: Patented Calcium D-Glucarate Featured in Muscle and Fitness Magazine

AUSTIN, Texas - March 11, 2002 - Applied Food Sciences, LLC (AFS™ Monday announced the review of its patented Calcium D-Glucarate in Muscle and Fitness magazine, the preeminent source of information for super fitness and health.

Calcium D-Glucarate (CDG) was featured in Brian Rowley's column, "Lab Notes," in the April 2002 issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine. The article focused on the following attributes of CDG:

-- CDG could conceivably reduce water retention (bloat) and body fat.

-- CDG is likely to reduce muscle-destroying cortisol in men, the net result of which could be less muscle loss while dieting.

-- CDG is naturally found in fruits and vegetables such as apples, grapefruits and broccoli.

-- CDG enhances the elimination of excess steroids only - those your body has already decided to get rid of - and a dramatic testosterone-lowering effect isn't expected.

"We are very excited that the extensive research related to CDG's ability to enable the body to better eliminate unwanted substances is being well received by the bodybuilding and fitness communities," said Loretta Zapp, chief executive officer of AFS. "Dr. Rowley has broad experience in understanding how excess hormones and toxins play a negative role in building muscle mass.

"We are pleased that he clearly sees the benefit that CDG has in this area of fitness."

According to Lyndon Johnson, vice president of sales and marketing for AFS, "We have always felt bodybuilders have been one of the first channels of trade to discover the power of new products like CDG. Furthermore, we feel that the health benefits of CDG will be fully discovered by all channels of trade within the next six months."

For more information on CDG, please visit our Web site at or e-mail us at

Applied Food Sciences, LLC (AFS™), based in Austin, is a company focused on the development and supply of specialized proprietary technologies such as dietary supplement ingredients, food and beverage processing technologies and functional ingredients for food and beverages. AFS is the synergy of BioChemix Inc. and Oncology Sciences Corp. (OSC™, both of Austin.

Currently AFS is most well known for its patented CDG™ (Calcium D-Glucarate), Preventium® (Potassium Hydrogen Glucarate) and coffee antioxidant enhancement technology. CDG is a patented dietary supplement ingredient that is sold in bulk to more than 50 companies, such as Rexall Sundown, GNC, Weider Nutrition International, Twin Lab, Enzymatic Therapy and Natrol.

The coffee antioxidant enhancement technology, which has been featured in USA Today, Parade, Prevention and Newsweek, is a technology to be applied by traditional coffee roasters that can yield greater than 100 percent more polyphenol antioxidants in a cup of brewed coffee.

Applied Food Sciences, LLC
Lyndon Johnson

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