Australian Government Initiates Product Recall, Suspends License of Herbals and Vitamin Manufacturer for Serious Regulatory Breaches

Australians have been warned to avoid herbal and vitamin preparations, following a series of recalls initiatied by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). According to the article, several thousands products may ultimately be withdrawn following a six month suspension of Pan Pharmacaeutical's license.The company has also had its approval to supply its range of export products (approximately 1650) cancelled.

Pan Pharmaceuticals is a major player in the Australian complementary pharmaceuticals market, and is the largest manufacturer of herbal, vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplements.

According to the TGA, Pan's breaches included ingredient substitution, test result manipulation and substandard manufacturing processes.

According to Age, (, the TGA would be asking other companies to withdraw up to several thousand affected products, including several from one of Australia's biggest pharmaceutical manufacturers, Mayne, who confirmed that some products from its Cenovis, Nature's Own and Golden Glow brands would be affected.

( TGA release)

This notice and series of recalls will no doubt put pressure on trans-Tasman harmonization talks between austrlia and New Zealand, since part of the Australian argument was that a more severe or restrictive regulatory environment, similar to that in place in Autralia, was required to ensure product safety and quality.

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